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So many people are envious of nurses working 12 hours shifts and having 3 to 4 days off but I truly dislike this shift. I work nights and often only get 1 or 2 days off in a row. That often results... Read More

  1. by   Irish_Mist
    I love 12 hour shifts. Working three days a week is a sweet deal. I stay busy so before I know it, it's almost 1700. Win win.
  2. by   Viviana
    Sure is. I was prepared to quit my job when they suddenly decided that we had to switch to 8 hour shifts for December and January, so I'll stay for now. As nurses gain experience and become more valuable to their facilities, they also start to age and are less able to work 12/13/14 hours a day. This leads to a drain of experienced staff to medical organizations who have 8 hour posts available.
  3. by   shlbtlr
    I would talk to your manager or whoever does your scheduling. I used to work 2 on, 1 off, 4 on, 7 off. I absolutely loved it. I got an entire week off of work so I actually could go on vacations or trips and get to spend time with family. My job prior to that I worked 8's and only had two days off a week and I swear I never spent time with my family (I worked second shift -- because I'm currently in nursing school). Now due to school, I don't work my modified 7on/7off but I work three days per week, each week. The only downside to this schedule to my current situation is that I work every single weekend (Sat-Mon) but I remind myself it's only for 4 more semesters.
  4. by   serenitylove14
    I use to be able to do them, but now I would much rather work an 4 or 8 hour shift.
  5. by   nehneh14
    I DESPISED 12 hour shifts. They're miserable, especially on a high stress unit. (Although now, it's hard to find a unit that isn't high stress.) I made a point to ask about it during my first hospital job interview and was told they operated on 8 hour shifts. Within about 2 months it was announced they were switching to twelves. I spent 5 miserable years on the night shift doing 12s. Never again.
  6. by   smartnurse1982
    Wow,i just look at you people with awe.

    i work 16 hr shifts,3pm to 7am Thursday and Saturday,in addition to 8 hour night shifts Mon,Tues,Wed,Fri

    Then again,i work 74 hours per week(same agency)
  7. by   versican
    I am a newer (yet older) nurse. The first year was med-surg days. Understaffed, usually, so 12 hr shifts never ended on time. If I worked consecutive days, it was very rarely the same patients - we float to whatever floor is in most demand. Absolutely hated it. About EVERY day off, we would be called to see if we could come in and cover someone...made me feel guilty to say "no" but I usually did. Second year I got a clinic job -- mostly 8-9 hr days. Love it. Matches my family schedule much better.

    I'm too out-of-shape for 12 hour shifts...it was too hard on me physically, and I was mentally drained before my shift was over.