What To Do After You've Made A Mistake - page 5

by Ruby Vee

nursing school doesn’t really teach you how to be a nurse, it just gives you a glimpse into the world of nursing and the nclex gives you a license to learn. if you’re smart, you’ll learn something new every day of your career. ... Read More

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    One day I had 4 busy patients and accidentally charted a pt's bowel movement in another patient's chart. I put the entry into the correct pt's chart but forgot to remove the incorrect entry from the other pt's chart. I didn't realize it until a week later when I was recycling my notes from that day, and I thought "I never deleted that entry!" Now I am worried that the if the pt became constipated or something it would take longer for anyone to intervene because her chart says she just had a BM. I even have nightmares about her getting a bowel obstruction and perforated intestine! I know this is illogical because her bowel sounds and abdomen are evaluated each shift, but could this happen???