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before you started nursing school? Did it give you a really good idea of what nursing is all about? I have heard it both ways. Would like to take a poll to find out more info........ Read More

  1. by   Irish Nurse 89
    Yes, I worked as a CNA, soon after high school, and continued to work as one until I became a nurse....... For me, being in the role of a CNA first has helped put things into perspective, and to see everyone as a "Team Player", rather than just a title.
  2. by   Southernurse
    [font=book antiqua]yep! being a cna first helped me really appreciate the ones i worked with later. there is also a sense of "being on the front line" and having a much different understanding of the patients than someone who graduated high school and never set foot in a facility until clinicals.

    p.s. in north carolina you have to be a cna before you can get your nursing license.
  3. by   aloevera
    right on North Carolina !!!! that is a great pre-requisite, I saw several in nursing school drop out for various reasons...if they had been a CNA first, they would have known that nursing was not for them, I am sure...whether it be inability to see poop/vomit, or the crazy hours that is a wonderful idea to be a CNA first...(I was one for 3 years before going to nursing school many many moons ago)
  4. by   ema79
    I was a nurse asst. for year before I started nursing school. I learned a lot and also appreciate nurse asst. now! I was treated like crap by a lot of nurses who felt I was too dumb to be anything else without even knowing me. I also know all the tricks that CNAs like to pull so no one is getting anything by me
  5. by   GrumpyRN63
    I worked as a CNA throughout nsg school , some one had to pay for it! I think it's invaluable, everyone who enters nsg should have to be a CNA, I think it helps me be a better team player, my work wouldn't get done without them, they are my eyes and ears much of the time