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Ever feel like this requirement was left out? Part RN part waitress? We don't have any techs, aids, or ward clerks on our unit. I will always get my laboring patient what she wants, I try to show the family where the patient... Read More

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    YES!!! Also butler and TV mechanic would be helpful prereqs too
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    So true! I actually was a waitress before RN, and it definitely helped! Also, you learn to deal with a lot of baloney that people dish out, and just let it go. I don't know about other parts of the country, but around here "Patient Satisfaction" (read Family and Visitor Satisfaction, and surveys) requires the RNs and other hospital workers to go WAY above and beyond normal service and kindness and to put up with some very outrageous behavior. It is shocking just what people think they are entitled to!
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    Love this! So true!
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    Quote from itsmejuli
    I spent many years as a waitress, I learned great customer service skills, problem solving, multi-tasking and time management.

    So yes, waitressing would be a good pre-req to nursing.

    I won't get anything for visitors, I advise them snacks are for patients only and tell them where the vending machines are.
    Me too...I waited tables all through college & while taking my nursing pre-reqs. I think it does help with the customer service skills...it also keeps you humble.
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    Quote from pecanpies
    I do wish our unit had a family kitchen area - I've seen these in other hospitals and they are a huge time saver. Instead of the nurse making multiple trips for drinks, snacks, cups of ice, etc., family members can do it themselves. I have no problem grabbing someone a cup of ice or a drink, but it's fairly low on the priority list, especially if I've got meds administer, dressing changes to perform, or patients to turn. I'm sure many people would rather take 2 minutes to go get their own Sprite than wait 20+ minutes for me to finally have a chance to do it.
    But it's sooooo faarrr!!!

    Not to mention the families that load up on snacks at discharge. Ergh.
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    Good post. I too use to be a server for 5 years before I entered the health care field as a pharmacy tech and now I am a current nursing student. From my years in serving, I walked away with a lot of good qualities under my belt. Some of them included - fine tuning of customer service skills, work hard ethic, patience, and most of all, communication!
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    Hell, waitering (not waitressing in my case) on my nurses' salary as opposed to minimum wage and tips? I'll take it!

    Thankfully, our CNAs are absolute angels, so delegating is not an issue. If I do end up getting something for a patient and it's slow, it's my pleasure and not a chore.
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    Note to self: Must not ask family members, "Would you like fries with that?" Must not must not!
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    Quote from mariebailey
    Me too...I waited tables all through college & while taking my nursing pre-reqs. I think it does help with the customer service skills...it also keeps you humble.

    I made more as a waitress + tips than I do as a nurse. The nursing bennies are def. better 'tho.
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    I waited tables at age 18 and the similarities are definitely there. You start off by introducing yourself, and instead of saying server, you replace it with nurse and it's pretty much the same thing. You're ordered around like a servent by entitled people (depending on where you work of course) and have to kiss ass to keep your job. Ahhh nursing sucks.

    "Anything else I can get you?"
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