Vitamin B12 injections technique

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    Can someone refer me to a visual aid or teaching plan for a client needing to self-administer Vit B-12 injections? Are there special considerations for technique other than it needs to be IM? The patient has a complicated case of chronic neuroborreliosis.


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    in my experience, the nurse gives vitamin B12 (it isn't something that was taught to the patient, as insulin self-admin would be taught)
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    I would certainly ask the patient if someone can do it for them! It is a dart to the 'butt' so to done by someone that can get a good shot at it then the patient! If not..can the pt go into a clinic just to have the shot? I know of many clinics that have folks come in for shots and not have to see the MD but the RN free of charge for such things!
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    I'm not entirely sure about this, but isn't B-12 one of the Z-track injections?
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    Yep angio! Total z! So best be done by someone else than pt! How can you hold the glute or ventral glute and do Z? I know what I am doing and couldn't on myself!

    Best to have someone else do it! I mean...I have a nice large glute (LOL!!!!!1) and well...I couldn't do it! And frankly..I have room to work with! Someone like me may try and fail..someone with less of (LOL) no way!
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    Ok, dumb student question here, why does it need to be done in the glute? Glute = IM right? Why can't the patient do it in their thigh?
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    I am a student and I am asking the same question as Stacey.

    A friend of mine does self-admin b-12 shots in the thigh.

    Was she not supposed to do the B-12 in her thigh much less at home?
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    The vastus lateralis is an appropritate IM site.
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    we do B12 all the time in home health,,, given in the deltoid, and yes we teach patients to give their own B12 using then thigh,,,, homehealth is a different world

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