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i know a lot of health care employees are worried or concerned they may be on the ladder from verbal warning to written warnings and then fired. for many this is not an unrealistic fear it is something which is affecting their... Read More

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    Agree 100%. HR is the arm the facility uses to "Fire" you. Going to HR is like walking up to the gauntlet.
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    I believe in the old saw: "What goes around, comes around".

    I wish that I could be around, when those who hurt me, get theirs. Just knowing that they will, is reassuring.

    As far as going back in time, is concerned, I learn my lessons and go forward!

    It is true that HR isn't the employees' friend, it is the arm of administration, a resource for them, not workers. They represent the employer in negotiations with unions, lawyers for employees, etc. DON'T TRUST THEM!
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    Whew it's been a whirl-wind on the floor. I am 59 with loads of experience and physically in great shape. For the first time in my career, the warnings appeared. This hospital is experiencing constant low-census and a partnership with 2 local nursing programs. I could see the light and began to get edgy. The calls would come at 3 a.m. to either be Low- census or on-call. The new hirees, the interrupted sleep...arrrgh I really felt my last day was coming. Couple this work anxiety with 3 close family deaths and my grandsons brain tumor my capacity to process became limited. Oh yes I admit it.
    Instead of feeling so worried, I resigned. I should have done it sooooooooner!

    (I used to be violets spring but had trouble with this site)
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    You did yourself a big favor it sounds like to me, violets ripple! It's really hard admitting and discussing with an interviewer, if they ask, why you were fired, "I went out of the chain of command to get help for a hostile work environment and then was left to hang out and to dry in return.", just doesn't sound that great. I really don't know what the best thing to say is, just that I shouldn't focus on that. It's really hard not too, but getting easier with time, 5 years now. I'm glad you beat them to the punch, violet ripples. So sorry about all the deaths and serious illness in your family. :redpinkhe
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    Hey everyone Ed Med here. I'll be quite honest with all of you. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 15 years, and not to sound negative, but nursing SUCKS! Now don't get me wrong, to be a Nurse is a kool thing, an honerable profession with a slight of prestigue. The things we are allowed to do, the people we help.,.beautiful, right? But how about all you incompetent little managers walking around, oh especially in home care, where the nurse managers, you know the dying breed, go and exert their power like it was granted from Zues. I use a mythalogical figure because that is the extent of their real positive influence. How do they really think they are making a difference? Don't they realize that leadership is not a function of position (as said by Stephen Covey in his book The 8th Habit). How about this, get to know your staff, especially early on; judge less and support for success more. Get over your self loathing, full of your own agenda and insecurities. We are all trying to accomplish the same thing. So about this verbal, written warning BULL*%#@. Stop trying to make people conform. Be a leader by character, faith and example and you will find your employees doing whatever you ask, even before you ask it. There isn't a nurse shortage, only a shortage of nurses who are willing to put up with todays BULL*%#@ from other nurses with a title, and a hundred letters after their name. Big Whoop!
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    I like what you said here esp. the quote about leadership. Around here, leadership = loudest. The louder a nurse is, the less others are willing to counter. This proved to be terrible business. Yep, here Loud = right or correct. Our politics should never be brought to work. My opinion. There is Karma.
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    Hi Wondern. I'm sorry you got suckered into playing Joan of Arc for the others who were in the same situation as you. In groups, there is always one who takes the complaints of others to heart and goes out on the limb, to be witnessed crashing to the ground, by the once crying, still employed nurses. That's just the way groups are. The venting gives them enough release to continue. I appreciate your tenderness but in a group, MYOB is always good advice.
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    The thing is... my work environment is my business.

    Also, the other thing is, it wasn't the same for everyone else. They weren't being written up for nothing as often as possible! Oh well, that was a long time ago. I don't have the time or energy to even go there again right now. Its too pretty outside to waste another minute of my life even thinking about that uncaring workplace.
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    They can't ask if a person is eligible for rehire, anymore. I checked with HR and one of my ex-supervisors.
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    Hello everyone. I just re-read some of the posts and something occurred to me. There is a common theme thinly floating in a majority of the posts. First, please don't anyone take this the wrong way. Ed Med made a very good point. As I see it, the first reaction/feeling/whatever of many of us (that have gone thru this bullying BS) is disbelief. Complete and utter disbelief that slurs to our reputation are being verbalized and.... worst of all, believed by many and almost nurtured by our supervisors. After processing this crap we then move to the anger phase of our journey. We feel powerless against this force; not sure how to deal with it and become very angry. And this probably doesn't help when the perpetrators calmly watch us spin ourselves into a tizzy. Then, it seems like we almost slide into a helpless/passive phase. We use words like, "I can't let them bother me", "I'm above it", etc., ya'll know what I'm talking about. I think (because we're nurses) we can BS ourselves into not wanting to make waves while the psychopaths (yes, that's what I said) continue their self entertainment of bullying, lying all under the guise of professional nursing. The fact that the joint commission has actually had to issue a sentinel alert for "behaviors that threaten patient safety" speaks volumes to me. I am suggesting that our gender, role in society, female dominated profession, and (alleged) co-dependent nature provides a firm foundation for this behavior and practice to proliferate. And I believe management is as deeply involved as the staff. And if I may speak generally, men don't seem to so this kind of thing. They get in each others face and yell and then it's over.
    When I was a fairly new grad in my first job, one of the more experienced day shift nurses proudly proclaimed, "I don't get mad; I get even!". And after 20+ years she's still there, getting even with anyone that gets in her way of her doing whatever.
    Why do we tolerate this???? I say something needs to be done about the bullies. And it's not going to be HR or the managers. These psychopaths are slippery, they document everything, start whispering campaigns, and do it till someone gets fired, quits, or they get bored and move onto someone else. I, for one have vowed to myself not to repeat or listen to gossip and will speak up when I hear it. I'm sure I've done my fair share of harm to someone, but not anymore. My experienced has ruined my life for a bit. It will get better and I hope I can get another job, soon. But I will never be the same person I was before this "assault" on my character, ethics, and practice. I've had to take ownership of my own behavior, as we must if we are going to try to end bullying. I once tried to discuss this with one of my problem people and she flat denied that bullying existed. There is no self awareness to them at all; no guilt. That's why I use the psychopath description.
    Horizontal violence in nursing needs to stop. Our profession is starving itself for lack of education and honesty. HR needs to get out of bed with administration and managers need to take a good look inward and stop tolerating write ups and other rumors.
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