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Is the dumbest thing that I have every heard of. But the cherry on top is that it is 3 times a day. Crushing tums makes them chalky and a mess. Not to mention clogging the damn tube up. I have had to... Read More

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    Some reason why nobody has approached the physician for a different medication? Never assume that physicians know the realities of nursing care-- they are not experts in nursing.
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    why not just use liquid maalox?... it's calcium carbonate too
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    Quote from amoLucia
    Is protonix crush-able??
    Protonix tablets are enteric coated but, like Calcium Carbonate, it too is available in a liquid suspension form. I've come across very few meds in my day that weren't available as liquids and/or couldn't be compounded... in pediatrics, not too many little ones can swallow pills.
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    We use Tums for the calcium, not for an anti-acid. A lot of our elderly patients are on Tums, because it is a good source of calcium, and it is cheap.