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  1. menardca

    tums in an ng tube

    Is the dumbest thing that I have every heard of. But the cherry on top is that it is 3 times a day. Crushing tums makes them chalky and a mess. Not to mention clogging the damn tube up. I have had to do this for the last 3 days and every time i start my process my mind begins to wonder 1- is there not some other medication that could be doing this better, 2- omg not again, and 3- if the doctor that wrote this stupid order had to do this just once the order would be changed due to the pure stupidity of it. Ok I have ranted thank you. Anyone else have moments like these when doing a task and thinking boy if the doctor that wrote this order had to do this it would be changed?
  2. menardca

    newbie question

    I have a question. I had a patient that had 2 diarrhea stools in the bed. I went in to talk/clean with him, each time he thought he had to pass gas. We attempted to ambulate to the bedside cam-ode earlier in the day but were unsuccessful due to sever leg pain from compartment syndrome. He had a bedpan in the room but didn't realize what was happening so wasn't calling. I offerred an adult brief for a short time to see if he could call next time and he had an urge and then we would take it off ect. OR we could do a trial of him calling with the urge. He wanted to brief. We applied the brief and I passed it on in shift change that he had a brief was ok with it and we could see what he does-if he can call or the diarrhea passes- with the intention of this being temporary and reassess the next day. I haven't worked since so I don't know what happened but because I am new and OCD and I go home and think about this stuff. I am now wondering was that the right thing to do? My question is what would some of the veteran nurses done?
  3. menardca

    newbie with questions

    I would like to get some advice about a patient i had yesterday. My first shift off of orientation was kinda crazy. My patient had a PEG tube, Rectal tube, ostomy with a PEG in it to administer vanc and a triple lumen cath. Everything was going well until about 4pm. Then I had a order for a mag rider and potassium 60meq over 6 hours. The K would start at 4pm. At 6pm there was an order for Zosyn iv and the vanc through the ostomy tube. There was iv nutrition also running all day. I ended up leaving alot of work for the night shift which I am still beating myself up over. I really didn't want to do that. So I am trying to see what I could do better. Could I have run the Potassium and Magnesium at the same time? I ran them one after another. Which put everything was behind. Could I have ran the Zosyn at the same time. I ended up leaving the zosyn and vanc for the next shift as well as 3 K. I am know it's a learning process so an advice would be helpful. I would have call the pharmacy for help but I had 4 other patients that all started having there own problems at about 4pm also. So I didn't have the time.
  4. Hi everyone, I am a recent New grad from a LPN to RN program. Before I graduated I was working at a HMO in an ambulatory setting. I graduated in Nov and then the economy took a dive.....so I have been unable to find a job in an acute care setting in my area. I live in Denver and all of the hospitals are on hiring freezes. I was able to get a job at the HMO I was working at. Before all of this I was certain I would be in a hospital, but after many tries and talking to many recruiters it didn't work out that way. After I accepted my current position a position became available at a LTAC. I was thinking of waiting the recession out where I am and learning all I can. The place I'm at is really busy with several chest pain walkins a day, constant phone and patient triage, and IV's. Once hospitals are hiring,I want to start applying to gain acute care experience. I realize the importance of acute care experience. My question, Will my ambulatory experience be helpful to my future career? Will my experience look good or bad when I apply for hospital work? Would I still be considered a new grad because was never in an actue setting. I want to do case management but I would like to do some hospital work also. I have to be realistic....I needed a job. What about LTAC experience. How is that looked upon by recruiters? Thanks for everyones advice. Courtney
  5. menardca

    Is it an exposure

    Thank you for the info.....I was more grossed out than anything. I just wasn't sure if it was something to be worried about. Or if it is something I should report. I washed my hands several times....and all I got on my hands was lube.....but ya never know.
  6. menardca

    Is it an exposure

    I put my hand in the trash...dumb I know...and rubbed against some lube on a glove. The glove had been used to do a rectal on a hep c pt. It did not have blood on it and it brushed my hand. I scrubbed my hands three times after. Should I be worried? The glove had no blood on it....I looked nothing Should I report it?
  7. menardca


    I have to take the Hesi exit exam and my school requires a 900 to graduate. My problem is that we have take 3 practice tests over the past 6 months and my score trend has been going in the wrond direction. The first time I took the test I did very well. The last time I took is, after I passed all of my clinical courses, I did significantly worse. I don't know what to do. I'm at a loss and looking for some advice. I have been studying cram master and I thought it was heping. The really frustrating part is that I feel as though I understand more stuff and I'm 'getting' more of the questions and concpets yet my scores are not reflecting this. Any suggestions my final one, that I have to Make a 900 on is in 2 months and I just don't know what to study. My first test score from April was 890. My second score from Sept was 856. My third score from this past Friday was 796!!!! I have been an LPN for 3 years and it has been in ambulatory care. Any thoughts, suggestions. Thanks Courtney:banghead: