Tummy Tuck and BA- going back to work

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    It's been a while since I have been on this site; I actually had to make a new profile. I work on a busy med/surg/onc unit and took 3 weeks off to get a tummy tuck and breast aug. My surgeon cleared me for work with the exception that I lift nothing heavier than 20 pounds for 6weeks po. I was going to call my nm to see what she thinks, but my biggest concern is pulling pts up in bed or max assist ambulation. Other than this, I feel that I will be able to perform my duties. I guess my concern is putting others out to help me with additional lift assist, etc. It would only be 3 weeks, but I hate the idea being less than I was before I left. What do you all think?
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    I think it's whatever your NM supports. I've seen situations where they won't hire you with light duty and situations where they will. What's important is honoring whatever your status is. Although I'd be quicker to understand medical restrictions for actual medical problems, I think if your NM approved you to work then clearly they need an RN on the floor and it would be a slippery slope if staff started judging for themselves which "light duty" they'd respect or not.
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    I would take off the full 6 weeks, but that's just me. I wouldn't trust that I wouldn't be forced to lift, but it depends on your unit.
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    I think I will call her this week and see what she says. I feel great, I just don't want to mess anything up or put myself in a bad position.
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    Most every place I've worked over the years, there was no "light duty" option; you were either able to meet the standards physical requirements for the position (including lifting), or you weren't. You couldn't return from medical leave until your physician/PCP provided a statement that you were fully capable of resuming your regular duties. And I'm guessing that your coworkers aren't much interested in being told it's their job to pick up the slack for you.
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    I was on lifting restrictions (nothing greater than 20 lbs) for several months when I worked in the hospital several years ago and it wasn't a problem. I also work in pediatrics so finding patients that could either walk/move themselves in bed or were smaller than that wasn't a problem either.
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    I am interested to know that also. I am planning a TT for early August and I'll be working a part-time nurse aid position in a hospital then, and going back to school late August. I was thinking about taking 4 weeks off, am talking to my plastic surgeon on Tuesday.
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    That is exactly what I was worried about. I have never been someone who relies on others to do my work; frankly, I feel kind of ridiculous that I didn't ask my ps about weight restrictions....so frustrating.
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    Definitely ask in specific because I told her about my work environment and she said 2-3 weeks, but then gives a weight restriction at my 2 week po appt. Partly my fault for not asking in advance...
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    Just my opinion - take the full 6 weeks off. Even if your employer grants a 'light duty' option (altho that's a rarity), you could still be injured accidentally in an emergency or accidental situation. Your employer may not have any obligation to cover your injury and you could be jeopardizing your State disability claims.

    You'll never know when a pt may zig one way and you zag the other way ...

    You also risk the possibility of doing some irreparable or otherwise further serious injury to yourself (or possibly a pt). Too much of a risk IMHO. Take care of yourself first ...
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    I have to agree with amoLucia. IMHO, it's just not worth risking injury.
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    Well I didn't have a Tt, only a ba. I'm a CNA and do hospice so most of the time I have no one to help me, like at homes. I only could get 2 weeks off. I had to transfer people by myself and was ok, but a little sore. I have no idea what it's like recovering from a Tt or both though...
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    Everyone recovers differently, but 3 weeks is not really sufficient when you factor in all the lifting and pulling. I had a breast augmentation in 2001, before I was a nurse, and I remember the lengthy recovery. There is no WAY I would have wanted to lift for hours a day after only 3 weeks. I'd say 6 weeks roughly, considering you've had 2 surgeries. Your co-workers are taxed as it is, so unless they can give you modified duty, I'd stay home longer.
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