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Wondering why I chose eight? Each entry represents the standard eight hours nurses like me spend in one shift. Standard, eh? I frankly used the number because I need one; otherwise if I add up all... Read More

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    I, too, do not like wearing white. I am relieved not to have to wear the nurse's cap (I do not have much hair to speak of anyway!). Some good points were brought up. Cute article.

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    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep this in mind when I am having a rough day at work.
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    Quote from munch666nath
    in india the salary for a nurse is 1500 indian rs per month.if it is converted into dollers it will be 20 usd per month .the patient nurse ratio in a icu is 6:1 which 3 patients will be ventilator patients.
    this is admirable, however, i feel for you guys with that pt. ratio... wishing you the very best always... aloha~
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    I can't stop giggling over the gorgeous hair. Really. lolol I loved that.
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    Cute -- but may I add one more to the list? How nurses treat EACH OTHER!! It's the reason why I'm taking a break from nursing, and likely will never go back.

    I came up in a time when women at least tried to support each other in our careers. I realize now it's everyone for themselves, but really, nurses - do you HAVE to mistreat each other so much? You want to be seen as professionals, yet you don't treat each other like professionals with any HINT of respect. What is it with the "write-ups?" Isn't it enought to have have a boss who will provide the proper counseling? What's up with the "horizontal violence??" It's ridiculous!

    Adding to the postives, I guess it's nice to have recruiters constantly ringing you, even in a bad job market ...but it's useless to me now. I'm getting my masters education and looking for something where colleagues can relate to one another in a better way. I do not and cannot, for my own mental health, be a part of such a doormat type profession.

    All of that said, nursing is the most unbelievably difficult job -- and takes MAJOR talent and intelligence from individuals's just too bad it's managed so poorly by administrators, and the higher ups in nursing management. Nurses deserve so much better!
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    What do I love about nursing? I work with interesting people that I like and who make me a better person, and my work is different every day. (Some of that may be specific to my workplace!)
    I will admit I'm not so crazy about the achy feet.
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    Quote from piglet08
    i will admit i'm not so crazy about the achy feet.
    i feel your pain & truly relate
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    Nice post. You do have a positive attitude.
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    Number three and four on your "love list" rings true for me.

    I love solving problems and knowing someone is a little more at ease because of what I've done for them. The eyes of gratitude and relief speak volumes far beyond any words spoken.

    But then again, it's pretty cool when a patient says, "Oh good, I was hoping you'd be my nurse today".

    As far as your "hate list" goes, well, duh.
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    Quote from GitanoRN
    this is admirable, however, i feel for you guys with that pt. ratio... wishing you the very best always... aloha~

    You should hear the Indian docs I've worked with here in the states complain about lack of "respect" and pay here in the states.

    The one Indian doc I've worked with most closely for several years is very intelligent. But his colleagues are as ****** off with his prima-donna attitude as much as the RN's are.

    He's fairly disenfranchised with the American healthcare system where female MD's and even ARNP's/PA's are respected as contemporaries, and society as a whole does not automatically endow god-status due to possessing a certain "MD" prefix.

    Problem is, is I like the guy.
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