Top 8 things I hate about being a nurse - page 4

Wondering why I chose eight? Each entry represents the standard eight hours nurses like me spend in one shift. Standard, eh? I frankly used the number because I need one; otherwise if I add up all... Read More

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    Quote from GitanoRN
    this is admirable, however, i feel for you guys with that pt. ratio... wishing you the very best always... aloha~

    You should hear the Indian docs I've worked with here in the states complain about lack of "respect" and pay here in the states.

    The one Indian doc I've worked with most closely for several years is very intelligent. But his colleagues are as ****** off with his prima-donna attitude as much as the RN's are.

    He's fairly disenfranchised with the American healthcare system where female MD's and even ARNP's/PA's are respected as contemporaries, and society as a whole does not automatically endow god-status due to possessing a certain "MD" prefix.

    Problem is, is I like the guy.
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    This is so cute! I enjoyed reading this!
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    i am currently going through my last semester of nursing school (i'm counting down the days until i finally graduate!). these are all reasons why i entered this field. i'm looking forward to starting my career!

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