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After hopping between 5-6 jobs in last few yrs, and finally saying good bye to patient care, I spent 1.5 yrs at utilization management job, stuck in a cubicle and having to worry about cases that... Read More

  1. by   SaltySarcasticSally
    Occ health. Your experience will play nicely into that field as well. The jobs can be hard to find but your paid very well because its a specialized field that a lot of times isn't in a hospital. Plus, no patient satisfaction scores lol. I loved occ health and will be returning once I get my few years of acute care experience.
  2. by   Timber123&
    Thank you for posing this concern. I recently left acute care med/surg unit and am now actively seeking my niche in the nursing world. I want to say I am so happy to hear I am not the only introvert wondering about where to go next. Lots of calls and interviews though in my job search.
  3. by   Nursiepoo01
    You can do telephonic case management; Care Management - hands off; Nursing Homes, Doc Offices, etc. I am suprised you went into this field if you don't want to work with people...maybe a Lab or research facility? Best of luck.
  4. by   Charkiyay
    Rota, I have a background in teaching in addition to being an RN, and would love to discuss this with you, however I'm not certain we are permitted to share emails. Any ideas on how we could contact each other? Perhaps the editors will weigh in on whether that is permitted.
  5. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    I absolutely LOVE my job in Clinical Informatics. I do miss some patient care, but this job is amazing for an introvert like me!
  6. by   Davey Do
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  7. by   retirednotdead
    I hate to suggest this, but you sure your calling is in nursing? List the jobs you have had list the things you liked about each then look at the the things you did not like. Look for a pattern or patterns. You have to decide what you are willing to tolerate. (I once went back to school to get away from 11p-7a.) Then match your preferences to positions where you are or start looking for one elsewhere.
    That said: consider assisted living, public health, teaching (not clinical since you do not like close patient contact), other office-type nursing (medical practice offices.) Psych might be an option, but not acute admission units. If you can be objective, Clinical Chaplaincy could work--needs more education. Insurance companies use nurses for the other half a of your UR experience. I have experience in several of these specialties. All have their pluses and minuses.
    Best of luck
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