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  1. November 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    "Yup, you guessed it...I'm a scrub nurse. Here...."
  2. What if I'm the Bully?

    There is a good book out I read when our children were young, it is by Cynthia Tobias and it's called "The way they learn." This really helped me understand how people take in information differently as well as exhibit behaviors. I really thought o...
  3. What if I'm the Bully?

    What a great article! Definitely from a perspective not often talked about! I know I've struggled as well with the facial expressions or the talking later about how certain employees make my job harder. It has been something I have struggled with ...
  4. Tired of jumping jobs, does anyone like her job?

    You can do telephonic case management; Care Management - hands off; Nursing Homes, Doc Offices, etc. I am suprised you went into this field if you don't want to work with people...maybe a Lab or research facility? Best of luck.
  5. religion and interviews

    If everything went well in the interviews and you still don't get it...I wouldn't automatically presume it's because you're a Religious Jew. I would presume it's because they have shifts to fill on certain days and unfortunately you are unavailable....
  6. Nursing School Survey

    Survey is not working....
  7. Socially needy coworkers

    I would definitely talk 1:1 over coffee...share her strengths first...then talk about the things that bother you and then praise and give positive enforcement afterwards. Let her know your "boundaries" so she doesn't make you a "Dear Abby" kind of c...
  8. What is your Nursing Super Power?

    My Superpower...hmmm...I can take something broken or failing and restore it. Let me explain if I can, cuz I am not sure HOW I do it in the first place...haha We are also Foster/Adoptive parents to medically fragile kids...they come to us a HOT MES...
  9. I can't get "poop" taste out of my mouth?

    I'm sorry you got a bunch of snide responses! I think our nurse friends forgot to take their meds today! Anyways, yes, this is real...for me I found it is like embedded in my nose hairs! haha I blow and blow but doesn't go away. VICKS under my n...