Tips for day sleepers on darkening windows.

  1. 0 I need ideas to darken my bedroom, I work nights and have tried covering my windows with aluminum foil, the duct tape will not hold it up. I've thought of painting the windows, but I don't know how that would work out. Any suggestions? I've tried the room darkening window blinds, they do not block enough light for me. Thanks
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    I have a pair of incredible soft, comfortable eye shields that I slip on. This seems to help the most even though my bedroom is already semi-dark. I could sleep through many days (and nights) with these on....
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    I used electrical tape to tape up black garbage bags (cut to fit the windows) and then the blackout curtains over it. It doesn't look nearly as bad as it sounds. My room is completly black, with not even a crack of daylight.
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    black poster board
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    I never do anything like that. When I get home I am so tired I wouldn't have the energy to do anything to the room LOL.

    I take Benadryl, works for me.
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    I never found the room darkening shades that worked, but I have some roman shades that are a "suede like" material and it is darker than night when I close them!!!! It's amazing!!!

    I have the dark coffee and, again, they are amazing!!!!!
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    There are coal miners around me who always use 2 garbage bags they tape over windows. I would recommend that you go to lowes or the home depot and buy the window tint film. It is relatively easy to put up, would be a lot easier to take off than paint and also can save your furniture. It is cheap too. Now will it stop all the light? No but with room darkening shades it gets pretty dark. It was more than adequate for me however there is no reason you cant double the tint up.

    It really makes the room dreary looking all the time though. When I moved, I discovered how much I missed the light so I dont use anything anymore. Of course I sleep in my den usually in my recliner. So if you use a bedroom then you wouldnt spend most of your waking hours there like I do in my den.
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    I have a coworker who hung up a curtain rod a little wider than her window, then folded a king-sized black flat bed sheet and hung that up. Worked perfectly for her, and when company is coming over, she just pulls it down and puts up her regular curtains (that she hangs in the closet to keep unwrinkled).

    I used to wear a really nice eye mask. I got it at Brookstone, I think. It's from that Tempur-Pedic company, and it's got a memory foam border. That way, instead of having the mask rub against your eyes and lashes, it's actually lifted away from them so it doesn't annoy you when you sleep.
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    My local Wal-Mart had these nice semi-hevy plum colored drapes...but I bought almost the exact same thing at my local Family Dollar for 1/2 the price. Those coupled with green venetian blinds and my eye mask make it pitch dark. My husband was late for church the first Sunday we had them-he woke up and it was 11am-he couldn't believe how dark it was! And they look nice too
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    I got some thick velvet type material and did a quick sew job to the top to allow for a curtain rod, and sew the sides. Since I have little skill with a sewing machine this was about as much as I could do! LOL!

    If you want to get fancy, make two panels of the thick material of choice (put it to light in the fabric store to make sure it is dark enough), and two panels of a thin whispy material. The darker ones go on the outside curtain rod (I have a fancy rod for them) and the thinner ones closest to the windows (those rods are plain). That way you can tie back the darkened ones with a nice cord to allow nice ambient sunlight in on days you don't have to sleep during the day!

    It was really easy actually! And if I can work with a sewing machine and do it...heck, anyone can! Fabric stores are great for all this stuff, and watch for sales and coupons to make this a cheeper venture. I suggest NOT going with the materials they say are for decor..they are too expensive (the ones on large huge bolts)...I just went through sale items and found what I needed and usually 1/2 off!

    Have fun with it, and match up colors you enjoy with your room decor! (and if your decor is a normal shade of messy like mine..well anything goes! LOL!)!

    Oh yeah, and for those cracks between the panels that occur...I used a little velcro (stick kind so I didn't have to sew). Trick is to make sure you have plenty of slack in the dark panels so you don't get the light .
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    I use an eye mask, but for awhile I had just thrown a comforter over the window. It worked wonders.

    I perfer the eye mask though, then I can peak out and gage what time it is. I've boltted out of bed several times because my room was pitch dark, and I thought it was later than it really was.
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    Black contact paper works wonders. Plus it peels off easy if you ever need to remove it. My neighbors probably do think we're a little weird though. :roll

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