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They call me the swamp nurse. I work with male juvenile offenders ages 14-18. In Ochopee Florida where the alligators surround us and the lost swamp boys serve their time.. A place that is safe from the hatred of the streets.... Read More

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    People like you make me want to be a better person. You are truly an angel and I aspire to one day touch lives like you do.

    Thank you for writing this, it serves as great inspiration.
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    you sure make a corner of the world a better place with what your doing with those kids. I know your family is proud of you and anyone who reads your story will be inspired.
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    You make me want to kill!

    No i'm kidding, you're an amazing person. Those kids really need your help and you give them the care they need.

    But what those kids don't realize, they're helping you.

    I know how you feel, you are making up for things did wrong in the past, maybe you were a bad person in your past life but now you're a great person and that's just one more star on your way to heaven.
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    wow, the boys are so lucky to have you there. You are an amazing person for being able to see past their behavoirs. Becuase of you, these boys know someone cares.
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    I'll bet you love your job, well done and thanks for sharing.
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