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I blame my ghost story on a dog named Hootie. After the accident, I had no pain, but thought I might die. I wasnít scared, and some odd things seemed pretty cool. Like, Iíd catch glimpses of sky in a lime-green color like my... Read More

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    Wow about 11 years ago I was staying in a dorm at the old blind school i had a room to myself and one night I became very,very sick with a fever ,and ear infition I fell out of bed on to the floor and begain crying I was cold . I remeder a woman in a old looking long wite dress with hat standing over me and being covered up .

    The next morning I woke up still on the floor and found my door still locked from the inside . I keep telling every one about the woman that came to me in the night and later I was told oh yes that's (sorry forgot her name ) she was the nurse back in 1903
    At that time this bilding was the boys dorm and a little fell down the steps and died (in 2000 they where still bad)
    She was so upset they she killed herself and sence then she has been seen lots of
    Times it seems she never left the bilding .

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