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lou12 has 24 years experience and specializes in telemetry, ICU, cardiac rehab, education.

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  1. lou12

    Public Humiliation In Healthcare

    I had a surgeon yell at me to make a patient get out of bed--in front of the patient. I had just medicated her and we were working toward getting out of bed (for the first time post op, a sweet 80+ y/o woman). Then he yelled at her that she was going to die if she didn't get out of bed?? She burst into tears and he left the room. I calmed her down, got her out of bed then called him to come back to see her sitting in the chair. Surprisingly enough, he did come back and apologized to her but of course, not to me. This is after he had completed his hospital mandated anger management class. HAHA right!?!
  2. An absolute joy to read this!!! Well done!
  3. Excellent article and so very true. We try to 'save' patients who are so tired of being saved, they just want to rest...
  4. lou12

    Working 12-14 hour days, am burning out.......

    How great to have orientation with Home Health and someone to back you up! I have many years experience in nursing in ICU, PACU, teaching and so on but not home health. When I interviewed with the agency, I asked about orientation and was told oh yes we want you to feel ready. Huh really...no orientation on how to fill out an Oasis, just another RN who said here you work on this and ask me questions. Two weeks later both she and the branch manager quit leaving me as the only regular staff RN--yeah orientation..
  5. lou12

    Working 12-14 hour days, am burning out.......

    I had a similar experience with home health, I felt sooo.. relieved when I turned in my two week notice. Good luck with the interview!!
  6. lou12


    As a nurse new to home health, I understand your frustration with those who don't do their job as well as they should. However, it is upsetting when as a new hire, you are told you need to do a better job but oops..we never gave you any training to assist you in learning the job and the paperwork.
  7. lou12

    hello.. just need to hear your voices pls...

    Indeed it is a combination of those items which makes nursing such a rewarding, challenging and ever changing profession!
  8. lou12

    An 'experienced' nurse looking for a job

    I hope you find a job you will feel good about. Good luck with school. I once considered the military and I think it's a good option but be safe!
  9. What an amazing woman and nurse, an inspiration to all of us. May she rest in peace.
  10. Unfortunately I think we have all had days like that and we aren't always are supportive to each other as we should/could be. In the end if you gave your patients the best care you could, you should feel great! Pat yourself on the back. Lastly remember we all may have a bad day and gripe about stuff we wouldn't usually, maybe that was true for those co-workers of yours. I, for one, am impressed by what you had to go through that shift whew...:yeah:hang in there
  11. lou12

    RN vs. Firefighter/Paramedic

    It sounds like you have done your 'homework' in career exploration and are gaining experience in the areas you have focused on, again a very good idea. I would check on the job markets for both careers in your area if you haven't already. The other thing about firefighting/parmedic is the wear and tear on your body-if you really want to do it, I would while you're young. Good luck!
  12. I feel your disappointment, I was in your shoes (and still am to some degree) less than a year ago. I moved to a new state; I found many job opportunities have to do with where you live/apply for jobs. I live in a small community but have a few larger ones within an hours drive. I applied to all the surrounding small hospitals, talked with a couple of nursing homes and a couple nursing schools about adjunct faculty openings. I found a job in one of the small hospitals prn in ICU-it's not my first choice in jobs but at least I can now continue to look around and hope for more options. In short, you may need to explore jobs that weren't first on your list. Best of luck!
  13. lou12

    A Man's Reply to Modern Women

    Huh I thought this was a site about the nursing profession...?
  14. lou12

    So...just how bad is it out there?

    I believe there are jobs out there, being a nurse offers options for places of employment-hospitals, long term care, schools, doctor's offices and others. I think right now a new nurse may have to look at jobs they wouldn't have really wanted to do when thinking of going into the nursing profession. So look at long term care, home health, hospice; explore all the areas and good luck!!
  15. lou12

    Nursing crisis looms as baby boomers age

    I have heard about the nursing shortage for many years. I have read about the number of new grads unable to find jobs. I would like to add that I have recently moved to a new state and have had a difficult time finding a job. I think hospitals not only don't want to spend money training new grads, they also don't want to pay an experienced RN either. So this limits the number of nurses who 'fit' their profile to fill these jobs.
  16. lou12

    advice on becoming a nurse

    Have you considered shadowing nurses at a hospital, you could also shadow other health professionals in the hospital as well such as: pharmacist, social worker, respiratory therapist, ultrasound tech? Seeing them in action could give you some direction. Volunteering may be an option too, helping out at a nursing home for instance, you can get another view of caring for people.

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