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That awkward moment when....

  1. 30 It's a stormy night and you are quietly looking over orders in the ED, minding your own business, and suddenly from bay 4 you hear a little girl sing-song:

    It's raining,
    It's pouring,
    The old man is snoring--
    He bumped his head,
    Went to bed,
    And couldn't get up in the morning.

    Which your sleep deprived/call-riddled brain helpfully hears as:

    Cat 1, 83yo. M, GCS 7, traumatic head injury, depressed respiratory status, found unresponsive at home in AM, IW ETA 45 ground, Trauma Doc to see.

    And just like that, you just medically analyzed a piece of your childhood to death.

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    That's awesome. I was once driving next to a car with a digital speedometer and noticed it was at 40(mph) and my first thought was "oh no! he's brady!"
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    I stood over a casket at a funeral to give my last respects, and caught myself wondering if those veins were IV accessible.
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    This thread is why I looooooooove!

    And yeah, I do it too.
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    I can no longer watch medical dramas. I start yelling at the TV "A doc would NEVER do that! MD drawing his own labs?! And the nurse is just sitting there holding a clip board waiting for orders?!?"
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    Years ago, when I worked in the NICU, the hospital where I worked had a Mcdonalds in the lobby. When I worked nights, we often would go down there for dinner in the middle of the night (yeah I know, SO bad for me). The alarm on the automatic fryers for the French Fries (it would go off when the fries were ready) sounded just like our alarms for our monitors. Cannot tell you how many times my coworkers and I would be standing, waiting for our food, hear those fry alarms and jump thinking one of our babies was in trouble!
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    Quote from R!XTER
    That's awesome. I was once driving next to a car with a digital speedometer and noticed it was at 40(mph) and my first thought was "oh no! he's brady!"
    I saw the temperature as 62 degrees and thought that glucose was a bit low once.
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    I once heard a cell phone ring with a certain tone, and found myself following the sound to another room to see who's pulse ox alarm was going off!
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    I can never hear that nursery rhyme without saying, "Subdural bleed."
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    Oh, thank you. At least I'm not alone! I did that once, then felt terrible about it.
    Then again, I discreetly look @ every person I meet in public to check out the state of their veins. Especially children, since I worked in Peds. for almost 35 years.
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    Ankles and calves at walmart....chf...pvd...
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    I once worked in a facility with kind of an old fashioned call light system. The sound of the call bells just happened to sound exactly like the buzzer for the game Taboo. Family game night got weird...
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    I often have thought someone was responding to internal stimuli when they are using blue tooth.

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