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Thank you, from a former (and future) patient

  1. 41 I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks to every nurse out there. I am not a nurse or a nursing student, but I and my family and friends have all been positively impacted by you at one point or another in our lives. And we will all be helped by you at some point in the future.

    Whenever my grandparents would go to the hospital, it was the nurses who frequently checked on them to make sure they were as comfortable as possible, even if it would be their last stay.

    Whenever my parents have gone to the hospital, it is the nurses who regularly stop by to check on them and make sure they are doing well. They are also the ones to let the rest of us know that things are stable.

    When I went in for eye surgery due to a partially detached retina many years ago, the doctor might have been the one to fix the detachment (and for that I am very grateful), but it was the nurses who kept checking up on me to make sure I was ok and to reassure me that things would be fine (and they were).

    When people go to the hospital, and they're upset and crying and afraid, who is there to comfort them regardless of how bad the situation might be? You are.

    You are likely underpaid. You most definitely work long hours and have a lot of stress on the job. Patients and doctors probably often forget to say thanks. But I am sure I can speak for other patients when I say that you are appreciated more than words can describe.

    This will be my only visit to the forum as I have no interest in nursing, but I wanted to stop by and say....

    Thank you for everything you do. We need more people in the world like you.
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    No. Thank you. When I have a patient or family member like you, I go home with a smile on my face, and my day isn't as bad as it was.
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    What a wonderful post! Thank you for coming here and sharing that. It's a hard job and a hard life, but when someone like you takes the time to notice what we do, it makes all the effort worthwhile.
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    Thank you for taking the time to share such kind sentiments with us! It is appreciated!
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    thank you gooby. i wish all my patients and/or families are like you.

    i will save this post and read it again when i am having a tough time at work.

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    Thank you for comming here to share your feelings.....we don't get thank you very often and feels good to hear.
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    I am becoming a nurse for all of those reasons. The skills and tasks are one thing, but being able to touch a patient's (and family's) life during a difficult time makes the happy.

    ~ 14 months until the NCLEX
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    thank you so much! you guys are what keeps us going!
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    What a wonderful thing to say! Thank you so much for your post. God bless you!
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    Remarkable, someone taking the time to register and post this kind and thoughtful message just for the sake of thanking nurses.

    So, really, thank YOU!
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    Thank you for acknowledging our presence, responsibilities, and dedication to our clients.
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    Patients such as yourself are the reason I am a nurse.

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    This was a lot of fun