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Hi everyone, So traveling for 6 months after graduation has been the plan since before I started nursing school, but I'm terrified I'm going to be 100% out of luck finding a job when I get back. Initially, it was going to be a... Read More

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    Quote from ExpatHopeful
    I agree about taking the NCLEX right away while your knowledge is fresh. You do realize that it takes some time for the paperwork to be sorted out before you sit the test though, right? I graduated in mid May and the earliest anyone in my cohort took the NCLEX was the first week of July.
    This must vary somewhat from one nursing school to the next. I graduated on May 28, took the NCLEX on June 11, and my license was issued on June 18 (of 2008, in California). But you do make a good point -- the OP should check with her school to find out how much of a lag to expect.

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    I would add another vote to taking nclex before you leave. That said, if I had known it would take me 8-10 months after graduation to find an RN job I definitely would've traveled somewhere far.
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    Okay, thanks for all the suggestions and feedback everyone!

    I'm still not 100% sure what the next best thing to do is. Hopefully, something will pan out with getting experience over there (thanks for USA jobs suggestion-- I have looked there before, but all job listings I've seen ask for 1 year experience). It's good to know that other people have done something similar...or that there's hope for me to get a job when I get back!
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    I didn't work for a bit over 5 months after I graduated. I took NCLEX 2 months after graduation, then had my son and spent some time being a stay at home mom. Enjoy life. Nursing is not everything. If you can afford it, enjoy every moment you can not working!!
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