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    If your nursing license is suspended in one state can you still practice in other states that you have a license? My license hasn't been officially suspended yet. I had a positive alcohol blood test at work one time. That was only because of coming home from work and having a very emotional and difficult situation at home. I know I shouldn't have drank that day. When asked at work if I was drinking that day I said yes and was tested. I lost my job there. I've been a nurse for 14 years and never was in any kind of trouble and NEVER drank before work before. I presently still work and I am a very dedicated nurse that loves her job. I don't understand how can they suspend my license for one mistake.
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    Check the board of nursing from those other states.
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    Generally not.
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    The typical process is to apply for licensure by endorsement in another state, they will verify that you have an ACTIVE, VALID license in your original state of licensure.
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    So I should get licenses in my neighboring states so when I lose my license in my home state I can practice in the other states...hmmm...doesn't sound right to me. If not illegal would have to say is unethical.
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    UUHHH Larry I don't think that is what I was trying to say. I was trying to make the point that if you apply for licensure in another state because you had your license suspended in your home state it isn't going to happen.

    I would imagine that if I had multiple state licenses and got suspended in one state and just went on to another state to practice without notifying the BON of that state if/and when they found out it would not be pretty.
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    illinois is great at getting after people who have been reprimanded in other states. they can and will suspend licenses. so.....keep yourself above board.

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    Check with your state BON, or read your Nurse Practice Act. Most states require you to self-report any action against licenses you hold in other states. Failure to do so can put your license in jeopardy, even if the alleged "offense" in the other state doesn't.

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