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    I'm working on a project for my RN-BSN class about medication administration safety. I've created a short survey (6 questions) and would love if some of you wouldn't mind responding. It's completely anonymous and I would really appreciate some responses!

    Here is the link:

    Thank you in advance!!
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    Thank you!!
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    Will you be posting results? Yes???
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    I hadn't planned on it, but I will

    Quote from ~miss_mercy_me
    Will you be posting results? Yes???
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    I attempted to fill out your survey, but being night shift, the first two questions almost never happen to me.
    Sorry. I tried.
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    Do you need to supply any sort of information about the respondents to this survey? I realize that this is anonymous, but you don't even know if the people filling it out are RNs, LPNs, nursing students...
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    There should be a write in box to explain. Depending on what type of floor you work on effects a lot of questions. When i worked on a tele floor i absolutely did all those almost 100%. In an ER you take a lot more verbal orders. You know what the doc ordered even if you can't read it. and you're not charting meds at the bedside for critical pt's.
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    Verbal orders are not allowed at our facility unless it is in a code situation.
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    We don't allow hand written orders at all any more, so I can't answer the first two questions. We do bar code scanning so 4&6 don't apply to me either.
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