1. 0 Hi my name is Ryan and I am in graduate school for FNP, I am taking Quantitative Analysis and have to have a survey with a TON of results for this class and I figured this would be a great way to get it out. If you have 5 minutes please take this survery it's 100% anonymous and I don't know who answered what, I appreciate your help and your time thank you!

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    I did it.
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    Done. Easy, peasy....
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    Can I ask where this is going? Im a huge proponent of CCW so I like the idea thus far...
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    I live in Illinois one of only two places in the United States that do not allow it, the D of C being the other, so when asked to do all this research for the QA I figured I would do it on something of interest, what I've found is that the state of Illinois is seeking to pass concealed carry excluding Cook County i.e. Chicago because that county is the one not allowing it to get passed, and honestly after nursing school and now in graduate school it's nice to do some research on something outside of nursing for a change, don't get me wrong I love it it, but it's nice to get credit for something outside the medical realm every so often through all this schooling

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