Strep throat antibiotics??

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    Is cipro used that often to treat strep throat? Maybe this should be in a different thread.. but I think my hubby and I have it...My daughter just finished her atb...just asking...thanks

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    seems like an expensive way to treat strep but it will get it, funny doctors don't seem to start with the narrow spectrum stuff first anymore, just hit it with the big expensive guns
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    I was wondering..We don't have med insurance.. and that rx is expensive!!!
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    Cipro? Why such a big powerful antibiotic for a little strep infection? Amoxicillin will work just fine, and it's cheap!
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    I agree with Emerald...did they give you Cipro or are you just asking?
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    Just asking ...hubby and daughter are both allergic to amoxicillin ....
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    My son is allergic to amoxicillin. For the life of me, I can't remember what they gave him the last time he had strep--it was a long time ago. But it sure wasn't Cipro.
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    Zithromax maybe? That seems to be a trendy antibiotic lately...
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    Erythromycin is usually used for strep throat when there's a Penicillin allergy. I've never seen cipro used for strep throat, as it's a quinolone.
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    I'm allergic to amoxicillin and have used erythromycin many times for strep throat...

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