States with Real Nursing Shortages?

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    Hi, does anyone know where I can find a list of states ranked by nursing shortages? I saw this question on another post, but the information was outdated. Thanks for any replies.

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    I am a new grad and have been looking into it a little bit. I know North Dakota is having a shortage.
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    North Dakota...I guess I could sort of understand that. Don't they have really harsh winters, maybe alot of forests, trees...wildlife?
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    Quote from KaringOne
    North Dakota...I guess I could sort of understand that. Don't they have really harsh winters, maybe alot of forests, trees...wildlife?
    In a nutshell, yes. . .

    North Dakota is also experiencing a huge oil boom. People are migrating to the parts of the state where oil has been discovered, which is resulting in a shortage of affordable housing and medical care in these sprawling boom towns. A nurse who migrates to Minot, North Dakota for employment might need to stay on a hospital-owned trailer for months until an apartment or rental house becomes available.
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    Oh, bummer. I don't think I'm the person who will like "roughing it". Nope, not my thing. But it sounds like it could be an adventure for someone. Perhaps there is another state...?
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    It's a complicated question... I've read that Florida is one of the best states to be a nurse since they have such a large population of elderly people but I've also heard stories from nurses in FL that are having a hard time finding work.
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    Ive been keeping up with open positions in my hometown of Springfield, MO even though I'm a pre-nursing student. CoxHealth has recently announced it's hiring 250 new positions, from nonclincal to clinical, so I'm not for sure how many are nursing positions. Integrity Health has also announced it's hiring 30 LPN and RN positions. Don't know if this helps you or not, but it seems this area is relatively nice to new grads.

    Sorry for not exactly answering your question, I can't speak for all of Missouri.
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    wyoming is still claiming 'shortage' but has a housing situation similar to north dakota.
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    Well, I'm an LPN bridging to RN. Two & a half years ago, I left Northern MO to come to TN (for familial reasons)...I never had a problem finding a job as an LPN while in MO. I wondered if being an RN would be different. I'm hearing (from some RNs that I work with) that they are having some difficulty trying to find work in TN/ I mean, for an RN to work @ my job (working with people with developmental/physical disabilities from their homes) an RN receives the same pay as a LPN. I enjoy living in TN for the most part, but I will relocate if I have to once I get my RN & find that I cannot find descent work. That's why I placed this post. Just looking @ my options.
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    Places that would definitely NOT be on the list of nursing shortage areas are NYC, New Jersey, California, and Pennsylvania. Places that are more likely to be in shortage areas include Southern States and rural areas, as well as places that pay lower wages.
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