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  1. dancerpro

    CNM Job Prospects?

    Sorry I can't answer your question but I would like to follow any answers. Best of luck!
  2. dancerpro

    Hurst Q-review questions

    Hey guys... I took hurst and all Q reviews. My lowest score was 84/125 and my highest was 94/125. the rest fell somewhere in between. I took NCLEX this month and passed at 75. Hurst is great. Just be confident and practice like they tell you! :) good luck
  3. dancerpro

    FINALLY!! I am an RN!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats!!!!! :yeah::redbeathe:nurse:
  4. dancerpro

    Hurst Q-review questions

    good luck everyone! I took Hurst too and have been scoring in 60s and 70s. I have been feeling so nervous. i take nclex on wednesday! :eek:
  5. dancerpro

    I passed the NCLEX-RN!

    CONGRATS!!!! I take mine next week and I am soooo very nervous!!!
  6. Good luck!!! i am taking it the 13th
  7. dancerpro

    JULY NCLEX-ers!!

    I am taking mine on the 13th and i am sooo nervous! I hope I pass. I wish everyone the best of luck!!!
  8. dancerpro

    ACLS Prep

    This information is great! Thanks and Good luck! I am taking ACLS cert on the 18th :spin:
  9. As a new grad ADN student it is difficult to read about topics like this. I will soon be taking my boards and applying for jobs. After already looking in my area, I have found many hospitals only accepting applicants with a BSN. I believe that jobs are out there, and I fortunately attended a school that is well known in my area. I just wish I would have known about this when I started. I am sure there are plenty of ADN students that do not know what they are getting themselves into (job market). Thanks for the interesting article.
  10. dancerpro


    CONGRATS!!!!! So very excited for you!
  11. dancerpro

    Is bachelors degree a requirement in Australia?

    I am a new grad with an ADN looking to move there as well. Hopefully I can get some more experience here and then move. Thanks for all the information!!
  12. dancerpro

    States with Real Nursing Shortages?

    I am a new grad and have been looking into it a little bit. I know North Dakota is having a shortage.
  13. dancerpro

    Applying for jobs before getting the RN?

    I am actually in the same position. I don't think that it is a waste of your time, but state in your cover letter which review course you are registered for as well as the date of the NCLEX exam. Congrats on graduating as well! Class of 2011 :)
  14. dancerpro

    Dad just doesn't understand...

    It sounds like your father really cares about you and has high expectations. At the same time, you sound very ready and decided on nursing school. He will see in due time that nursing school is perfect for someone like you: passionate, caring, smart, and hard working. He will learn in time to not only accept your choices in life, but support you and will be so very proud that you will be an RN (and a good one at that). :)
  15. dancerpro

    Let's think positive today!!

    thank you. this post made me decide two things (for today at least) I graduate in two weeks. Today I am not going to worry about not getting a job. I am not going to stress about NCLEX. AND I am not going to stress over having an ADN and not a BSN. :yeah: