State visits

  1. I am so nervous about State visiting our facility. Ugh!! I don't want to mess up. What if I do and get fired!! All the what ifs are going through my head! Anyone feel like this?
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  3. by   xoemmylouox
    I always found them to be stressful, however it was only time we has decent staffing.. You'll be fine.
  4. by   LadyFree28
    I would feel the same way...then realize I missed the inspector because I was working.

    I find most inspections don't look at the unit operations UNLESS they were dinged for it...and unless the citation was out of the Nursing department's hands. Most of the time, they look at chart audits, which is in the hands of management. You'll be fine like a previous paster stated.
  5. by   Glycerine82
    I just try to do everything the way I'm supposed to all the time so I don't stress when hey come. If I can't do it the way I'm supposed to I at least make sure I know the right way.

    Just breathe, take your time, and be yourself. Chances are they won't even talk to you.

    "No day but today"
  6. by   dah doh
    Its a stressful time. Just continue to do your best. Most of the time, they review charts and processes. Sometimes they follow a patient's chart from admit to the unit. They may interview staff, patients, and families. If you get chosen for interview, just answer the best you can and be honest. Try not to stress too much...chances are good that you won't even see them!
  7. by   nurseprnRN
    If any of them ask you anything, answer honestly. If you don't know, say so but tell them you know where you can get the answer, like where the Policy and Procedure books are, what the chain of command is, and so forth.
  8. by   amoLucia
    And know your facility's P&P about reporting suspected pt abuse! Surveyors seem to be asking this of staff in LTC places lately.
  9. by   Glycerine82
    "Let me find out" is always better than "I don't know"

    "No day but today"
  10. by   squatmunkie_RN
    When they come to the floor go to a friendly or confused patient's room and stay there for a bit. We have computers in each room, so I went to one and charted until they left.