Sports medicine nursing?

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    Sorry if this is a silly question but is there sports medicine nursing? The only "sports medicine" I'm aware of is the occupational therapist or physical therapist. Is there such a a thing as sports medicine nursing? Are there any nursing professions that have anything to do with sports?

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    I'm curious myself. In my unemployed state as a nurse, I have been back in the gym like an animal (my first attempt at college was exercise science) I was wondering myself if there was a way to combine the 2!!!
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    I would love to be the NJ Devils hockey team's private duty nurse. Hmmmm....
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    and i would like to be the LAKERS nurse heheehe all free hme games ,
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    Oh Ya!!! I want to be the nurse for UFC! hahaha.....move over cut man
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    Sports Medicine Nursing? Possible... but consider that it takes a very specialized education to do well in it. It's not just learning how to evaluate injuries. You also need to know how to evaluate each sport, playing position, field or court of practice and play, all for safety issues. You need to know how to rehab players from injury, know when to push them and when to back off. You need to know how to use a LOT of therapeutic modalities and how to adapt to not having them at times.

    There's a LOT of education involved in getting into Sports Medicine and doing it competently.

    For Athletic Trainers, that above stuff and the clinical internship must be done over at least 2 years, and requires at minimum a Bachelor's Degree, and most of the typical allied health prerequisites just to get into a program. They can not do less than 2 years, and while the hours requirement is around 800 or so, it usually ends up being well over 1500, covering most sports in College and High School.

    I have such an education. I did my internship at a High School... and I know Football, Baseball/Softball, Soccer, Field Hockey, Track & Field, Volleyball, Wrestling, Basketball, Swimming, Diving, Water Polo... from an injury prevention, injury care, and rehab perspective.

    Care to try to learn that in a 6 month orientation? Nursing knowledge would be a wonderful addition to that repertoire, but... the end result would be something more like an NP program specializing in Sports Medicine than anything else. It's a LOT to learn...
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    I do Sports Med surgery. It's fun, but very very technical.
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    My brother works for Black House MMA and trains there - Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida's gym - I wonder if I can go down to Brazil with them for the next UFC?
    Quote from TPay
    Oh Ya!!! I want to be the nurse for UFC! hahaha.....move over cut man
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    chuckeRN....yes you should! that would be awesome!! I think the mma world could use us
    I agree with the education, I have worked as a post rehab specialist and strength/conditoning specialist for 6 years in many different sports, settings and circumstances. Being an athlete myself (ex-national Olympic Weighter now train in MMA) I wouldn't want anyone assisting me with anything less than real experience and continuing quality education.
    You never know....we can dream right!!
    "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."
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    Quote from canesdukegirl
    I do Sports Med surgery. It's fun, but very very technical.
    And that's just part of things, a small segment of, and sometimes VERY necessary part of, the overall recovery plan.

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