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  1. awanjo

    Looking for international BSN program

    u might want to take a look at inter americana university its in puerto rico its program is accredited by the all the state boadrs here they offer acc rnbsn 18k 2yrs if u already have a BA if not its 3yrs
  2. awanjo

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    thank you very much cahoon for your reply you answered all my questions and more i already got my application packet and iam in the process of filling it up now i made up my decision to move to pr for this program i will definatelly have more questions for you as the days go by if only i knew this school 3yrs ago
  3. awanjo

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    i also wanted to find out if i took some classes online wethter they would accept them or if i took classes at a community college here if they would be exempted at inter ie i believe you can take statistics instead of math,spanish 1,2,3/history of puerto rico christian faith etc
  4. awanjo

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    cahoon iam writting this reply to you i have been following ur postings on here and all i wanted to ask is since i noticed ure a new student there how is the experience how are the lessons conducted and all the life in the island iam currently an lvn here in california los angeles to be exact working in a great hospital but i need my BSN baad , anyway is financial aid easy to come by and the books is it better to purchase them here and move there iam looking to apply for aug 2011 sem and iam just hoping tht the school will still be accredited and if i can wrk in ca after the NCLEX iam 27 and i aint getting any younger cahoon let me know wht to expect out there or anyone lemmi know coz iam not sure how to go about this
  5. awanjo

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    designer mommy ive been reading ur posts and i believe ure in the program , i would sure like some answers as iam hoping to apply for the aug 2011 sem , i have majority of my prereqs cleared already and i dont knw if they will all transfer how is life in general there iam a blk guy frm ca los angeles iam taking this option for inter coz i dnt think i want to be on the waiting list here for just an adn