Sooo...What are you doing with your MSN?

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    Hi everyone!

    Just got the good news this week that I was accepted into the MSN program I've been hoping for. The university I was accepted into offers 3 tracks within the Masters of Science in Nursing Program: NP, clinical nurse leader, and evidence-based nursing. I'm thinking that I'm most interested in the evidence-based nursing track, because I think I'd like to go into research/clinical trials. This post, however, is intended to get some feedback from all of the Masters-prepared nurses out there. What are you doing with your graduate degree in nursing? What types of opportunities opened up to you when you finished your graduate studies? Where has your nursing career taken you, and what does your typical work day look like? I love floor nursing, but I know that I don't want to work med-surg forever, and I'd like to know what options are out there for Masters-prepared nurses outside of becoming an NP. Thanks for any and all feedback!
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    Mine is in education, and I'm teaching (adjunct) once a week at the local community college.
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    My name probably gives it away!! I teach full time, have been teaching for 5 years and I love it. My masters is in nursing education, so that was my intent from the beginning. I work (that job) 3 days a week, but do prep at home (and may need to go in on days I am not teaching, if something is going on). I also work per diem in the hospital, and adjunct at my previous job. Weekends, holidays and summers OFF!
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    I'm curious ... what is the focus and what roles are the "target" for the track in evidence-based practice? I would imagine there would be a lot of overlap with their CNL track.

    I've spent most of my career in Nursing Professional Development roles.
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    I've worked in a wide range of clinical settings and roles in the clinical specialty of my MSN, and I've taught in ADN and BSN programs.

    I, too, am curious about what an "evidence-based nursing" MSN track would consist of and prepare one for, that would be different from a CNL track.
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    im still a pre-nursing student and wanted to eventually get my masters (i know, a long way off!)

    im also curious about what a lot of nurses did with their masters
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    I want to get my MSN "just because"...but I can't justify the cost because I love my schedule now, I make enough as a staff nurse working 2 days a week to live and travel. I just don't know what I'd do with a master's since I don't want to teach (staff education is another story; I'd be up for that minus their cruddy schedule). Admin - bad schedule, too much nonsense to deal with, but it also interests me.
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    I'm an NP and currently work in pre-admissions testing. I see patients who are scheduled for elective surgeries - I do their history and physicals, order appropriate tests (labs, EKGs, X-rays), interpret them, order consults if need be (cardiac, pulmonary, etc), and then I discuss difficult cases with the anesthesiologists who are my collaborating physicians.
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    Full time faculty in an ADN program..
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    Full time faculty in ADN program. My MSN is in nursing education and teaching was always my goal. I am also curious as to what exactly encompasses an evidence-based practice MSN.

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