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Hi everyone! Just got the good news this week that I was accepted into the MSN program I've been hoping for. The university I was accepted into offers 3 tracks within the Masters of Science in Nursing Program: NP, clinical... Read More

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    Thanks to everyone for their responses! I'd love to hear more stories of what people are doing with their MSNs. I've attached the description of the program of study. I also emailed my advisor to ask for some specific examples of what students have done with the evidence-based track after graduation.

    The evidence based nursing track focuses on developing advanced generalist nursing practice in a focused area of study, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, fostering life-long learning, and prepares students for the leading edge of health care knowledge and delivery. Students strengthen knowledge and skills in clinical decision-making, application of nursing interventions, and ability to critique and appropriately use evidence as a foundation for practice. In this graduate track, students study nursing as an applied discipline advancing their knowledge of theoretical perspectives for clinical practice, with an emphasis on leadership, the cultural, social and political context of health and illness, and quality improvement methodologies. Students are mentored in the enactment of leadership strategies to improve quality care in nursing practice through an intensive clinical practicum.

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    worked in psych and as a supervisor in psych. just did the msn as a backup. a "just in case."

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