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Many people have a misunderstanding that if the government funds health care then THEY control our health care - a concept which in all reality is impossible. What they do provide is funding for hospitals and any facility that... Read More

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    Can you name the third largest employer in the WORLD? Wal-mart? - No, the US government? - NO.... it is the British National Health Care System. THIRD LARGEST EMPLOYER IN THE WORLD!!! Are you kidding me??? With that fine distinction, you'd think everyone on the planet would be breaking down doors to access this ... must be..... best service in the world!!! People are doing that - aren't they?
    ........... oh, but if the US ends up stuck with our current leaders plans for our future,.... I'm sure We will make it to #1.
    (God forbid...........)
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    Quote from NMiller1
    Can you name the third largest employer in the WORLD? Wal-mart? - No, the US government? - NO.... it is the British National Health Care System. THIRD LARGEST EMPLOYER IN THE WORLD!!!
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    How is it that people lose their freedom of choice with a reform in healthcare? Today a 25 year old has little choice about healthcare....find a job that offers full benefits or try to get medicaid. There is not much in between. Any attempt to obtain good health insurance individually will be frustrated by high premiums for restrictive access with considerable out of pocket expense.
    Does the constitution "allow" for a governmental role in healthcare accessibility? It very much depends upon the interpretation ... what does it mean to promote the general "welfare" of the population?
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    Quote from hypocaffeinemia

    There are several links with the citations noted. Like you cartoon though.
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    "the government will end up pushing private insurance coverage out by making private insurance coverage so expensive that the average person can't afford it.the insurance companies have already accomplished that without the help of the government and as the system is over loaded, decisions will have to be made regarding allocations of services. i'd rather fight with my insurance company. have you ever actually had to do that?... cuz they will drag it out until you no longer have the finances to pay for the fight and they will still not pay.if they **** me off, i still have the freedom to get a different carrier." you will find then that you have a pre-existing condition and it is not easy and not cheap to find an insurance company that will take your money every month so that they can limit your access to healthcare. or perhaps you think they don't limit your access? you must not have a formulary for your prescriptions, or perhaps you have never had a test ordered that the insurance company does not agree is the appropriate test to follow up your cancer treatment. maybe your insurance company doesn't care which md you see or which hospital or lab you use.
    the bottom line is this...our present process for accessing and paying for healthcare in this country is in trouble. it costs too much money, is too restrictive, and does not cover enough of the people. in spite of the state of the art technology, training, and facilities we have an unhealthy population with health outcomes that are embarrassing. capitalism is a good thing, it is just not the answer for everything and this is simply one of those things that capitalism cannot improve. the delivery of healthcare for profit is not going to solve any problems with access, availability, and cost. if we want to preserve the small business in america, give them a public insurance option for their employees. if we want to impact the cost of manufacturing in america, reduce the cost of health insurance for those companies.
    i have a friend whose 26yr old son, who had no insurance through his work, suffered a case of appendicitis and ruptured his appendix. after an ambulance ride, surgery, icu stay, etc he did the best he could to stay on top of the huge bills with monthly payments, until he got ill with some common thing about a year later (don't remember if it was flu) that kept him out of work for about a week. he ended up filing bankrupcy. thank goodness he did not have a wife or children at the time. i ask myself, what choices did this young man have? how did our current system of healthcare delivery benefit him? it certainly preserved his life at the same time that it devastated him financially. my question is....don't you agree that we can do better?
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    Quote from madwife2002
    I am not a sheep but somebody who has experienced 1st hand both socialised medicine and private insurance. I dont follow and believe anything I have experience and knowledge which comes from those experiences.
    BTW I am perfectly serious. What personnal experiences have you got to share to back up your theories?
    I believe I can speak with experience that this will not work!!!!! My husband is active duty military and our health care comes from the government (Tricare). You do not get seen when you need to be seen: For example yesterday I called to have my daughter be seen for an ear infection it was 8/26, They can not see her for a simple ear infection till 9/1. Im sorry that is not good health care system. If socialized health care comes to the US there will be waiting lists for simple care and the ones who need something like hip, knee or joint replacements will be waiting for years.
    Socialized medicine does not work!!!!!!
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    Quote from MedSurg32RN
    There are several links with the citations noted. Like you cartoon though.
    Did a google search and found a cite of 1.3 million NHS employees.

    1.3 million NHS employees :: 61.1 million population UK (

    14 million U.S. healthcare employees ( :: 307.2 million population (

    The amount of employees means nothing to the argument when the entire system is one company-- the U.S. has twice as many healthcare workers to population and yet we trail the UK in many areas.
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    The US Healthcare employees are not employed by the US Government, but mostly private industry.
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    Quote from MedSurg32RN
    The US Healthcare employees are not employed by the US Government, but mostly private industry.
    Thank you for this insightful fact.

    My point was that the amount of healthcare workers for the NHS means nothing. The fact it's the third largest employer has little merit on whether or not socialized health care is good or bad. Simply irrelevent. All systems require healthcare workers no matter who writes the check.
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    My point is that the government controls the money, the workforce and the policies. Personally I feel less government is better, yes we need government to build roads and maintain an army. Having government manage health care is not the intrusion I personally want.

    But the NHS is Europe's largest employer, I personally don't want to give the US Government control of my healthcare. But that is a personal choice, and the democratic process will decide which is the route America should choose.

    One million NHS patients have been the victims of appalling care in hospitals across Britain, according to a major report released today.

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