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I'm a pretty new RN, had to float to another unit for nightshift last night (our census was low on the home turf). So, after reporting off, finishing up, know that everyone was breathing and that a nurse had spot checked them... Read More

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    As a CNA, I would say my shift is good if:

    1) The shift I happened to be working isn't right after certain messy coworkers.

    2) I finish half an hour before my shift is supposed to end-- every patient is in bed, content, clean, and full.

    3) All of my ADL charts are finished. Sometimes my coworkers chart their stuff on the wrong shift column (charting ADL for that morning but writing in the "Evening" boxes) and it drives me nuts.

    4) Trash has been emptied.

    5) No call lights.

    6) Showers are completed and charted.

    7) Vital signs all done.
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