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Your pt has a critical high potassium of 4.8.....seriously? Then in the same sentence....your other pt is set for dialysis....tell the dialysis nurse to stop.....their creatinine is 4.1 and... Read More

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    Reminds me of the monitor tech who called me to tell me my patient was in VT and told me that I "probably needed to go check on them." Ummm... yeah? And I probably should take the crash cart as I run to the room. Geez I think some monitor techs don't realize I studied rhythms and drugs etc.
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    We don't get a call from the lab unless K is over 6.0 And isn't normal K 3.5 to 5
    Every parameter I now see is 3.5 to 5. However, in my first nursing course, our book stated 3.5 to 5.5. Yes, 4.8 is a little "up there" but critical? No way. The only issue I would have with the phone call is the lab prioritizing for the nurse. Thank you for the call, leave the nursing judgement to me, the nurse.

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