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Well I'm in the South and I'm a floor nurse. We had a little winter storm in and I had to call in today because of the weather (all the roads are closed) and got officially reamed by my boss.... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from pseudonym87
    There are varying opinions in the nursing profession regarding snow days and nurse safety and I would like to address them here. As a nurse, we have an obligation to our patients. As a human, we have an obligation to our selves and our families. Sometimes it can be tricky to find a happy medium.

    To those nurses who have the opinion of, "you must make it in to work at all costs and be prepared to eat whatever that is availability and sleep on the floor if need be and stay at the hospital for however long is necessary," I respectfully disagree with you.

    If it is expected from my employer for me to come to work earlier than my scheduled time, then they must pay me by regular hourly pay for the time they want me to come in early, provide accommodations (and no a cot is unacceptable), provide hot healthy food and not just fried chicken wings, provide a place to shower, and they should pay me time and a half for any hours worked past my scheduled shift if I am mandated due to an internal disaster code being activated.

    As nurses, our obligation to our patients begin as soon we are endorsed their car. Any other opinion is simply a "cult" mentality that nursing administration has cultivated among nurses. Administrators know that most nurses will do anything and they leave nurses to judge, fight, and quarrel amongst one another when the real issue here is with management.

    The hospital is also aware of the weather issues ahead of time. Why not book a bunch of hotel rooms in advance? Why not hire an agency to cover gaps? Yes- as nurses our responsibility to our patients is while we are caring for them. But the responsibility of 24/7/365 operation of a BUSINESS is the responsibility of the employer.

    Many will disagree with me and many will quietly agree with me. I love my patients and I'll give them my everything with they are under my care. My safety is always and will always remain my number one priority.
    You resurrected a seven year old thread to complain about the expectation that you show up for work when expected even if it's snowing?