Snorting Wellbutrin, Seroqual, Paxil??? Snorting Wellbutrin, Seroqual, Paxil??? | allnurses

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Snorting Wellbutrin, Seroqual, Paxil???

  1. 0 I was surprised to read in a correctional nursing thread that people are snorting seroquel, wellbutrin and paxil. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this happening. What are the benefits for the abuser? Negatives? I cannot fathom any and am wondering what is up with this stuff. Thanks.
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    how do they get it in order to do this?
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    We see Ritalin snorters among teens in our area - they say they get a rush from it.
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    awww darnit, and here, I have been swallowing MY wellbutrin all this time!
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    We see Ritalin snorters among teens in our area - they say they get a rush from it.
    I know one guy who says it waaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than Cocaine

    (No, he is not in Nursing school. He IS in school though :uhoh21: )
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    Can't see a benefit to that at all....Druggies in jail will stick anything up their nose!
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    People also snort Zoloft, Klonopin, and Oxycontin. Nothing new - In the 60s they use to crush-up several LSD tablets and snort that too.

    There is a higher risk of Hep C transmission from snorting due to the sharing of straws, etc. Frequent users can destroy their mucous membranes, sinus passages, and nose cartilage.