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Hello. I am having some martial problems and my hubby is finally willing to see a counselor, but he has insisted that we see a psychiatrist "in case someone needs medication". Ok, whatever.... Read More

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    and don't be afraid to call on God. When my husband was doing what he was doing to me I was so isolated. He had isolated me from family and friends (typical abuser thing) and I had actually begun to believe that I had psych issues due to his constant insinuations. At this time I was not attending church, I was not even really believing in God, and my faith had been unused for months, I wasn't even praying. Girl I called on God. I asked God to give me signs (Because I am a believer in marriage and I did not want to leave). God showed me what my husband was doing. One day it was like the scales fell from my eyes and I saw in an instant what was going on, when I had been fooled for 3 years. And I gave my husband an ultimatum. I said there were some things he needed to do and if he didn't do them I would file. Honey he didn't do them, he started cheating on me, he abandoned me (moved out), I waited 2 months then I filed. Just pray honey. God will help you, God will show you, people will come into your life to help you. We are all God's children, not just the Christians. God will help anyone. Stay strong, stay in your academic program and keep making good grades. DO NOT go to the psychiatrist. How do you think you are going to focus when you are stressed out about a diagnosis? You know you don't have issues, it is your husband trying to put them on you because he is insecure. Stay strong and pray. Trust me, I don't care if you have cursed God out (I have done it several times with expletives and everything). I don't care if you don't believe in God. God will still help, trust me I was an atheist for 2 years and did not pray. And when I had NO ONE, God came through for me and helped me see through the crap, and stay in school, and pass my boards. I am still in school honey. I am graduating with my MD in 2 years, I passed my boards, I never repeated a class. Pray pray pray God will help you. Hold on. You can contact me at if you wish. And furthermore God will bring someone else into your life that's 10x better (it happened to me girl). And due to this horrible experience you will now know how to avoid abusers. If you grew up with an abusive dad (whether it be emotional, sexual, physical) you are more prone to being abused. My dad was abusive and it predisposed me to predators. Once you get out of this, you will be sharp, like a sword. You will be able to cut through men's b.s. and see the truth. No abuser will ever have a hold over you. You have the strength inside of you, you are already questioning the hold this man has over you. Rise up and overcome.

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