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    is it within a registered nurses scope of practice to remove a trach?

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    Why don't you provide a little more detail? Is this in an emergency situation or what?
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    this is not an emergancy, just a doctor being lazy
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    To permanently decannulate a patient, you need a doctor's order. Protocols by either nursing or RT will dictate the weaning process and parameters up to that point.

    In some facilities, such as subacutes, the RNs do the routine and emergent trach changes if RT is not present.

    Decannulation can also change the qualifying status of a patient in that facility and a transfer to another unit may need to have been ordered the physician to be initiated. Thus, everybody needs to be on the page in the care plan and progression of the patient. It may not be a "lazy doctor" but rather the wheels of healthcare and the stipulations for levels of care that can determine decannulation.
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    Do you mean change it or discontinue it? Big difference. I have changed trachs many times in home care.
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    I'm wondering if you mean trach or et tube. Difference.
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    also have to look at employer's policies

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