Salary for clinic position?

  1. Hey all,

    Just wanted some extra opinions on a situation -

    I'm still what some would consider a "new" nurse with less than 5 years experience. I've been employed at a primary and urgent care clinic for over a year and my boss has begun opening a second clinic in a town about 30 mins away. She told me that she was promoting me to "clinical director" over both locations and that I would be salaried at --$20,000 a year.

    My initial reaction was one of perplexity. She said "promotion", but I heard "more responsibility" and "less pay." I did the math and on an hourly figure, I would be making around $9.25 /hour which is much less than the medical assistants. I brought this up and she countered that with this position came a job in a clinic, with benefits, and I wouldn't have to work nights in a hospital, and that the salary was one she'd be comfortable paying her own mother, and that we live in Mississippi and $20,000 was reasonable.

    I don't agree. I feel like I'm getting shafted and I'm a little offended she thinks she can pull one over on me. I'm good at my job and she has on many occasions told others how I do the work of 3 nurses rather than one.

    My next goal is FNP and in MS we have to have a preceptor, which is hard to come by as I understand it (and she has agreed to do this for me) for a certain amt of hours before we can practice independently (with a collaborating physician of course) and so I'm trying to decide if this is something I should overlook or if I need to stand my ground and find another job if need be.

    I like clinic work and I'm not above working in a hospital, but it just seems like a clinic is the best place for me given my career goals. I've gotten a lot of advice - some saying dump the job and others saying I'm stupid for being picky about something like a clinic position - most people would kill for that. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   Sl1011
    How much are you currently making? I probably missed this, but are you a RN or LPN?

    I think 20,000/yr is ridiculous!! I'm in SC... and I'm working at a peds clinic and make more than that .. roughly $34-$36,000.. and I think that's a little low! I definitely wouldn't accept what she's offering. She's CRAZY!
  4. by   MJB2010
    That salary is aburd. Stand up for yourself and say heck no. She is treating you like a doormat and what is worse is she actually has you considering this. Let me say this loud and clear, THIS LADY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND AND NOT HELPING YOU. Find another preceptor. You know you deserve more than 20K.
  5. by   TheOracle
    That was my line of thinking. I'm pretty flabbergasted that I even considered it. I'm a RN. I was just thinking, did I really put myself through the hell of nursing school for $20,000/yr?
  6. by   AndiSN
    Absolutely not. I would be thinking lets double that and maybe we can talk.
  7. by   LuxCalidaNP
    Nope. that's way too low.
  8. by   SushiRN
    WOW! Please tell her "NO!!!!!!" When I first started as a RN I worked at a family practice as a Triage nurse and Resource and started at $16.50. When the head of the practice got word that I would be leaving when I hit my 3 month probation they gave me a $.75 raise to keep me. I stayed. When I hit my 1 year they increased me to $17.90/hr. I then took a job at another practice as a clinical supervisor and started at $20, after 90 days I got raised to $21. I love my job, but feel like I need something more fulfilling and really want to work bedside. This is me all day--- So I've been applying left and right to every hospital within a 25 mile radius. LOL. Praying for a hospital position. But seriously, DO NOT ACCEPT $9.25/HR!!! Baristas at Starbuck's earn more!!
  9. by   NamasteNurse
    I'm an LPN and make 42,000. Forget about 20! jeeze
  10. by   Twinmom06
    wow - I made more than that working call center customer service! that seems absurdly low!
  11. by   MaryEMT
    I don't live in Mississippi, but I made $11 dollars an hour for a part time job as a cashier in high school, 9.25/hr is far, far too low!!
  12. by   roser13
    The salary offer is a joke. And don't imagine that you will even be making $9+ an hour. Salaried director of two clinics? Can you say 50+ hours a week?

    She's fishing. Please don't bite.
  13. by   nightnursecarol
    Let her know that you are please that she values your work, but you cannot except anything other than a nursing salary, and the position is a managerial position. Let her know, that you are confused with her proposal, since the Med Assistants are making around 14/hr (or so). Be honest with her, ask her to clarify. Is this full time, is this one day a week? Ask for clarification, and let her know that you've done your homework.
  14. by   79Tango
    That is not a total shaft if you are getting a percentage of the gross profit's from both clinic's. Was there any mention of a commision plan?