Reflections of a New Grad

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    I had always felt that I had it in me to be a nurse. I had the heart. I had the courage. I had the brain. I thought I might have the stamina.

    A few months into the program, I realized…..that *I* was not going to make it through this alone. I read a lot of books. Stayed up lots of nights. Tried to make it. Struggled. Cried. Wept.

    And then I remembered to go to the Bible…the Greatest Reference. God made the world….surely he would know something wise to get me through school. So I read the book of Mark. A father brought his screaming, kicking, gnashing at the teeth child to Jesus. The father said that this affliction had “cast him into the fire, and into the waters, to destroy him”. In case you haven’t read the book I am referring to…..his child was NOT in nursing school….even so I could *relate* to this child…. having done a lot of the things he had done since starting the program. The child’s father asked Jesus…..and I am paraphrasing here…..PLEASE….do something. I can almost hear my classmates or myself saying that. (hee) And Jesus said and I will quote….using perfect APA format….(comma) (quotation) “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” (unquote) (New King James Version)

    Now being a nursing student, I had learned to think critically. So I broke that sentence down. “If you can believe”. And I thought I always had. And it goes further….”all things are possible”…..all things…..even nursing school, I thought critically…..”to him WHO BELIEVES”. Said twice. And like my Med Surg instructor had always said, anything said twice, you had better highlight it and best believe…..and like the father in the story, I wept. And I believed. And I know the teachers believed. And my kids believed. And the people who have helped me along also believed. And all of you sitting here reading this in nursing school today have to believe. Because even God believes that some of us will be nurses.

    Because we are here. By the grace of God. We are part of his plan..

    Sitting here today, I ask myself, if God himself handed me a list of all the blessings that would open doors, lift us up, carry us through, make us turn in the care plan at 3AM, to learn 7 chapters for a test, to hold the hand of a dying man, to leave our children and loved ones at the crack of dawn to care for another’s, to help us pay the rent, to smile as though our hearts were breaking, to find that last minute babysitter, to pass that test, to help us through that procedure, to give hope, to ensure my family *knew* we loved them even though we were not in sight, to fix our cars, to feed our families each day, put good people in our lives who believed in this mission, cared for our children, attended school and clinicals aside me, taught us, encouraged us, warned us, gave meds with us, arranged the clinical locations for us, helped us from spilling that coca-cola on our freshly pressed whites, and invented the tide to go stain stick. Would we have believed Him?

    We don’t need a list….because he showed us. …..we are here. We made it. THIS is our testimony. Because thru God…..all things are possible.
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  3. by   racing-mom4
    Extraordinarily done!! Thank you for putting the words to my thoughts exactly.

    We are here, we did make it. We are a part of the plan.

    Thank you
  4. by   nursing38
    You Said The Truth! And If Anyonr Thinks They Can Go Through Nursing School Or Anything In Life Without God,they Are Heading For Self Destruction!
  5. by   SnarfGirl
    Thank-You. I really needed that today. I am half way there! God is the ONLY reason I am still surviving this!
  6. by   oobie
    oh boy! I am sure a living testimony of His guidance and plan.. Chin up! God is watching..
  7. by   angie777
    WOW! I needed to read this today. I am an MA and I desperately desire to be an LPN or RN. I am currently looking into Orlando Tech or Herzing College but I am unsure which is best for me. I am going threw a hard decision because I really want this so bad and I pray I too can do this. "All things are possible for those that believe" Anyone feeling inspired, send me an inspiration. God Bless!
  8. by   nieruth
    To God Be the Glory !
  9. by   Vivi
    To Angie777

    Follow your heart!

    Choose the school and the career that inspire you the most at this time in your life!

    Trust and keep the faith!!!
  10. by   niftyfifty
    Praise God..... keep the faith, you will make it.... God is with you, every step.
  11. by   angie777
    I just lost my medical assistant job yesterday because of transportation. Both my cars broke down and I have no family and friends in FL and with young children in school and in daycare it is kind of hard to get around. But in all to God be the glory, things happen for a reason and maybe now I can devote myself to Him and my search for a good RN or LPN program in FL.
  12. by   Vivi
    Believe that this is a blessing in disguise!

    Despite any appearances, you and your children are divinely guided, prospered, safe, protected, and divinely supported at all times!

    God is there for you, in you, and all around you.
  13. by   angie777
    My goodness, thank you so much for your inspiration word. I feel down and unsure where to go, but I have to trust in God and believe that no matter what He is with me. Sometimes we much be still in His presence and let Him be God. Thanks...
  14. by   Vivi
    I'm sorry you were feeling down; it's understandable.

    This is a challenge and spiritual wake up call. You need to keep up the faith, no matter what.

    I suggest you create a new post of your own so that you get great ideas, support from this web community; also find out about local community support where you live.

    In the meantime, I recommend you check out:

    an excerpt from "Supremacy Mastery of Fear" from Joseph Murphy, who wrote The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (in 1965)

    I recommend any of Joseph Murphy books.

    Also the Oprah's soul series webcast at:

    or which you can find in itunes as a free podcast:

    "'s spirit channel"

    It features two authors: Eckhart Tolle, who wrote "The Power of Now", and Jill Bolte-Taylor.

    "When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to
    -- Lao Tzu

    "When he accepts himself, the whole world accepts him." -- Lao Tzu