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    :angryfire I have almost hit my breaking point with school, i am set to graduate in the spring of 2007, but my class mates and i have encountered a problem. In the middle of our two year program ( we are going for our associates degree) the faculty changed our program. In nursing 1 and 2 we were granted four test grades as well as three math test grades and 3 care plan grades that resulted in our final grades. They used a grading system that is very hard to understand but in a nut shell if we passed all three math tests we would get an additional 10-15 points added to our final grade which could push those on the edge over to passing. On our first day of this semester, we were told that our math grades no longer matter, other than the fact that if we dont pass them we get kicked out of the program, add to this the fact that our care plan grades dont even kick in until after we get the required grade to pass. I just feel like we are being set up to fail, perhaps i am just frustrated and venting, but i would like to know if all schools are like this, or if i am just over reacting. I look forward to any input anyone can give me. Thanks.

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    I can understand with being frustrated as things change. But change is a constant in our lives. Things are always changing and it is important to learn to "go with the flow."

    What really matters is whether you are going to be taught what you need to know to succeed as a nurse. If you can pass the math tests, the care plans, and other required learning activities ... it shouldn't matter how much each is weighted. If you can NOT pass the tests, care plans, etc.... then you shouldn't be allowed to become a nurse. In other words, the weighting percentages should not matter all that much. Just do a good job on each requirement and you will do fine.

    While I can understand your need to vent a little in frustration ... if you are really willing to let something like this prevent you from pursuing your chosen life's work, you must not want it very bad. Think of it that way. Think of all the hardships overcome by nurses throughout history -- and this source of frustration will seem minor in comparison. Perhaps that will help you find the perseverence you will need to succeed long-term in a career. All careers have frustrations and you need to learn to take a deep breath and dig in deeper if you want to succeed.

    Good luck,
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    Well, if this is the straw that is breaking the camel's back, then I'm all for quitting school. :uhoh21: I'm being sarcastic, of course, but hear me out. Nursing IS change. Whether it's your school program requirements or what will end up being your nursing job requirements, change is going on all the time. You just have to roll with the punches. I was always dumbfounded to go on vacation for two weeks only to come back and find out that my unit was now using a new form or doing something differently--within 2 weeks of my being on vacation! I had a head nurse that was always volunteering our unit for pilot projects and studies. As much as we would like things to remain at a regular pace and routine, they just don't. Puppies grow to adulthood, dial phones become wireless, horses got replaced by motor cars. Today your grading system got rearranged. You were next in line. Tomorrow it will be someone else's turn.
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    they have changed to my school's policy! ONLY our test theory grades are calculated to make the needed 75 percent average. You literally could have a 93 percent in class and still fail if your tests scores are less than 75, and no our math does not count in that and I would fall over if they actually gave us extra points for passing the math- lol. we have 3 tries for math, and if you dont pass with 100, you are g-o-n-e.

    so welcome to my side of the table, but i do agree with you its not right to change it in the middle of the game. they should implement it to start the next semester.
    so pull up your shorts and make it work, or bail, but I am telling you there are always bigger battles. if this is the worst they have done to you, be thankful.
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    So your 4 test grades will be all that counts to whether or not you pass? i cant believe you have only 4 tests!!!

    it sucks that things change on you, but, the way they want to do things isn't uncommon. when i was in school, our final grade was only our tests + final exam. we got no credit for the loads of careplans, the pass or you're out math test at the beginning of hte semester, all the lab projects, and all the class projects we had to do.
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    That's how our school has done it all along. We have to get 77% on the tests, and everything else is added in after that. No matter how good we do on the rest of the stuff, if we get an average of less than 77% on the tests for the semester, we are out. And some classes only have 2 tests!
    Good luck!
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    This is how our school determines our grade as well. I understand your frustration, but this is the way that most programs are.

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    Sounds similar to our school's program. We have to get 78% on all tests, and theory is separate from lab/clinical. (if you fail theory but do great in lab, you still will fail since you have to have 78% in everything). We have one math test a semester that you get 3 tries to pass (have to get 90%) . If you do not pass you are out. A woman just got kicked out this week (almost done with 1st semester). We also have 3 graded care plans that are counted in our grade but I still think you have to get 78% on the tests. This is not uncommon and it is how they determine who has what it takes. If you are almost to graduation I can't imagine quitting school at this point. I wish I were that close (I am almost done with semester 1 out of 4!) Oh, we also have a medical terminology test every semester that I think you get 2 tries to pass and have to get 90%. The math and med term are independent study, they do not cover these in class. We have 4 theory tests, 2 lab/sem tests, med term test, math test, and 2 big presentations every semester. This doesn't count all the things we have to hand in and don't get graded for! WE have a group presentation on a culture, and a individual presentation on growth and development.
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    I remember apparent inconsistency and unfairness in my nursing school. Each instructor wanted things done differnently.

    Now I understand why.

    This is how it is real nursing, only much harder. Hang in there, you can make it...and need to, if you are to be a nurse.
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    the only problem i have with this is that schools should not change the rules for a graduating class. if they want to make improvements in their curriculum they should start with a new class. perhaps you should go to the dean of your nursing school and express your concerns. if they won't relent, you should adjust and be flexible. why quit now? math skills are mandatory. passing them is a pre-requisite to continuing in a nursing program. however, they may be responding to requirements from a credentialing association. if so, nothing can be done about it. keep smiling!
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