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  1. peace_solace

    It's still mild right?

    My understanding is that they're more concerned about this virus becoming more virulent and coming back around a second time. Why don't they allow it to spread now while it's still mild so we can all build up an immunity to it? Maybe that's a stupi...
  2. peace_solace

    Night shift??

    I would take it if I were you. I work night shift and I love it. It's great when you have kids because if they have a program during the day or an appointment, you don't need to try and take off of work to get there. You can be available for those...
  3. peace_solace

    Please Need Prayers For My Nclex-rn Exam This June 14.... Thanx

    I will keep you in my prayers, and will you please keep me in yours? I'll be taking it June 13 for the first time. Good luck!
  4. peace_solace

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    Hi all, I'm a new grad RN and will be starting a job as a home health visit nurse next Monday. I know many of you don't recommend starting right out of school, but I'm hoping you'll accept me here anyway? The company I'm starting with has an extens...
  5. peace_solace

    Question about Excelsior RN-MSN

    Hi all, I am a recent ADN grad and thinking about applying for an online RN-MSN program. I see that Excelsior has something like that, but I am wondering if there is a CPNE (or whatever it's called) at the end of that program too, or is that just f...
  6. peace_solace

    Managing symptoms for a �good death�

    Hi all, I am a nursing student just about to graduate and thinking seriously about pursuing a career in hospice. It looks like I am late in joining this thread but I want to let you know that I appreciate everything that has been discussed here and...