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Okay so I'm sure this is a silly question but it is really bugging me. But as they say "there is no such thing as a stupid question". I hope. What is the difference between a Rapid Response and a... Read More

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    Quote from vincent paul
    hi everyone ! this question bothers me, " If the patient is pulseless (for almost 4 minutes) Code blue is activated and CPR performed; Can i possibly measure the arterial blood pressure by palpation? or NO BP that can be measured?
    Good quality CPR should produce a measurable systolic pressure. This can be difficult to read for a NIBP machine or manually due to interference from the CPR itself, but with an A-line in it's usually readable, I've had patients that we've managed to keep a systolic of greater than 80 throughout CPR. A Lucas device (thumper) has been show to be able to keep systolic greater than 100 for sustained periods of CPR.

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