Quit my stressful job, now I miss it ...

  1. So, I left this crazy floor tele job which was so stressful I'd leave w/ headaches and chest pains and generally go home in a stupor. It was always hectic, the managers were nutso and in general, morale was always bad. however, I absolutely loved the co-workers and their antics and the laughs we always had. We laughed a lot at the crazy patients and all the silly stuff that went on.

    Now I'm in this new job and it's nice, quieter, about half the stress and I'm catching on well. The problem is -- I miss that darned old place, the faster pace, even the dysfunctional environment! I miss the codes, the crazy patients, the laughs, the constant stimulation ... I really miss the doctors in a teaching hospital, and the variety of diagnoses, orders, etc.

    So, what am I to do? Am I a stress junkie? I HATE the stress, but I miss it. I miss the excitement, using my head, being successful in a bad situation ... I am caught, in limbo, like a fish out of water. I'm dreaming about going back already . .but I know the minute I walk in, there would be some horrid appalling situation I'd be part of and I'd go home stomping and fuming again...

    Will I ever find a job w/ balance?? Will I ever want balance??
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  3. by   VivaRN
    Not all "love of stress" has to come from your job. I have a less hectic job than I used to and it has made me a better person.

    When I have that hankering for excitement... I volunteer! Anything from the community clinic to international or rural health. Then it is on my time, I enjoy it, and it's not nearly as stressful as if it was my job.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    Not sure, but when you work with a phenomenal team, that can outbeat alot of the negativity. But, for me, if my work atmosphere is calmer, I am a better person. Volunteering may be a good idea. Or maybe you just miss the people. Invite them for an outing, share some stories. Just talking to them may make you feel that you made the better decision to leave.
  5. by   carluvscats
    Well, the chest pains alone would keep me away from the old job.

    How long have you been at the new one? Perhaps you just need to give it more time to adjust?
  6. by   cmw6v8
    You might just be experiencing a kind of culture shock...you might be having these feelings because your old environment, while stressful, was what you knew--you were comfortable there. You might just be adjusting.

    I myself am going through culture shock....two weeks ago I quit my full time job in a completely unrelated field and am attending nursing school full time, and I also just started a part-time job in a hospital as a clerk in the diet office. Everything is totally unfamiliar to me and I am having some major self-doubt. I'm hoping that I'll adjust and adapt, but there is a lot of uncertainty going on inside my head right now. I'm hoping that in three months, I'll become more comfortable. If not, maybe I need to re-evaluate my choices. But I would say to give it a shot for a few months. Hang in there!
  7. by   April, RN
    Can you work per diem at your old job? That way you can get your "fix" every now and then?
  8. by   kesr
    Been there, experienced that. I'd agree with the others, give yourself some time to adjust. I went from a big NICU to a desk job. Think about what aspects you really miss, and what you are just nostalgic for.