Professional Salesmen seeks medical device job, wants certificate,rn?

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    Again looking to capitalize on my previous sales experiences but want to set myself apart from my competition in this very competitive field. I knew yal would be a huge resource with the wealth of knowledge and overview nurses have. I have been toying around with the idea of trying to obtain the rn accreditation but I do not know of any other types of certificates or accreditations that are well respected and could be used to add to my resume.

    What else is out there that seems maybe more realistic here? I am great at studying for tests, If there was something where you get "the book" and do a few practice exams when your ready to take the test I am confident in being able to pass.

    What are other options??
    Thanks in advance!

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    Good luck. No,RN licensure in my state is dependent on obtaining passing grades at an accredited school of nursing and demonstration of competency in clinical coursework, as well as passing grades on the NCLEX. The RN positions for medical device consultation and sales that I have seen require usually minimal 2 years of hands on experience and if you are working with implanted devices generally a degree of OR experiences. There is no "RN fast tract program" unfortunately and of course, you would understand why this might compromise patient care. RN's who break into medical device sales or pharmaceuticals generally have considerable experience and credentialling in some area of specialty particulary OR or ICU. Best of luck
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    Rn's go to nursing school for at least two years (for Associates degree) after taking the necessary prerequisites and being accepted into nursing school. Only after completing nursing school do RN's take the licensing test. Is this what you are wanting to do? Does your company offer education in the medical field as applies to the type of equipment you are selling? Maybe that would be the way to go.
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    OP, could you clarify what exactly you are looking for? If I am understanding your post correctly, you are a salesman and you are looking for a certification to get yourself in the door for medical sales?

    An RN is not a certification that you get from studying a book and passing an exam. You must be accepted to an accredited nursing school after satisfying all of the pre-requisite courses. Then you must attend at least two years of both classroom and clinical education, then upon graduation, you must pass a board exam called the NCLEX to get your nursing license. It is a very tough road, and requires a great deal of commitment.

    Perhaps if you elaborate on what you are looking to do, it would help us to guide you in the right direction.
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    I don't think any license or certification will help you quickly.

    Device and pharm sales both are getting more discriminatory in hiring. Many want clinically advanced practice folks these days, PAs, NPs, Masters level Clinical specialists in the field, eg. Baxter: Renal/dialysis. You need to know what it is you are talking about so you can talk shop with people. That doesn't happen fast as you really need to have to proof that you do know, experience.
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    OP, for what it's worth, the most successful medical instrumentation/implantation sales reps that I have worked with were former nurses or scrub techs. Do you have any medical background?
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    So, in a nutshell, it's a college degree you need (including math, microbiology, chemistry, pathophysiology, anatomy, physiology, to name just a few courses you need to have an interest in taking as they are required pre-requisites to gaining entrance to a nursing program, if you can get in). Passing a national board exam, Obtaining a license to practice. Landing a job. Paying your dues. Going on to your masters. Getting certified in a specialty pertinent to what you intend to sell. Putting in years to prove yourself to tough customers who will want to know if you really know what THEY do for a living.
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    I don't me cynical, but for some reason I'm having a hard time believing this post is totally legit.
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    Nursing isn't just something you add to your resume to beef it up. It takes years of hard work, lots of money, and lots and lots of time. Not to mention if you are applying to a nursing program just to "get it on your resume", you are taking a "seat" away from someone who really and truly wants to be a caregiver.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I think the initial thread summed it up but again I am a professional salesmen looking to get an advantage in the very competitive field of medical device sales. As I was saying in the initial thread I questioned becoming an rn, I never said that was an accreditation and I already realize the process which would take prob min 2 years if done as most do and is alot of work, thats why I joined this site to try and gain insight and find out what other options are out there and see their requirments and procedures and costs

    So besides becoming an rn what else is a out there? Something that is already known to be legit, not some lame internet degree that no one heard of, something that the peers of your industry see value in possessing

    for example though this not apply to my situation but for the sake of explaining say someone wanted to add finance to their resume, they may seek out a "Certificate of Finance" most colleges offer them and they last 6 months, this seems more logical than instead goin all out and getting a economics degree that takes 4 years and is over the top for the goal and not needed to attain the goal at hand.

    Anyone that finds this hostile in anyway is certainly far off and need not to reply then, no fishyness, or trolling

    Just was looking to try to engage in a real conversation about what else is out there with people with a knowledge of healthcare field and people that could offer real insight so I joined this site and based on the replies I am getting few tried to be helpfull thus far
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