Preceptor Gift Ideas?

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    I wanted to get some ideas from all of you. I just finished up my preceptorship last week and was really pleased with my new preceptor and the floor I was assigned. Everyone was so nice to me from the LPN's to the CNA's. I wanted to get something nice for both my RN and the other staff. As a RN, what would you like to have as a thank you? I thought about sending over pizza for lunch one day for the whole group, but, that's hard to do with all the different shifts. I thought about flowers too. Any ideas????

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    I just finished a clinical rotation and to celebrate, our whole group (10 of us) and our instructor went out for lunch. We all chipped in $2 or so, and one of the girls made an easter basket w/ chocolates and candies and stuff. We got her a card, and slipped in a picture of all of us in the lab (in our scrubs hehe) playing w/ one of the dummies ... It was hilarious. And she seemed pleased

    Even if easter's passed, you could still do the chocolate and candy basket idea ... I don't know many people who would object to that
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    jfpruitt, a couple of lovely smelling roses or a thoughtful hand-written card for the preceptor and a bouquet for the whole staff (or a 1 lb. box of chololates for each shift) would be enough of a Thank You gift for this new floor for you.

    If you go overboard; that may raise some suspicions or hostilities later if you have a problem with someone on the staff.

    My PERSONAL opinion is that a handwritten note to the preceptor and a bouquet of daisies for the staff would be the perfect touch myself. A hand-written note takes more effort than most people want to take these days; it requires a personal effort that ready-made thank you cards don't have. Most hand-wriiten cards I have recceived over the years are saved because of the effort involved. And a small bouquet of daisies always seems so cheery to me.
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    I gave mine a BIG bottle of her favorite hand lotion, plus a card. A big popcorn can might be nice for the Unit.
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    I gave mine some hand lotion, a lip balm and some herbal shampoo in a pretty box, with a card with a nurse with angel wings :angel2: I bought lots of candies for the floor and wrapped them up so they looked like flowers ... I hung about for the surprised and happy grins when they realised it was goodies instead
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    I gave my preceptor in intership a gift certificate for burger/ice cream shop. The amount of 25 dollars was just enough apparently to buy the entire family ice cream after a baseball game that her son was in. She seemed to appreciate it. As for the entire staff, chocolate is always appreciated. It is tough to have enough to cover all three shifts because goodies usually go really fast.
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    I precepted a lot of senior nursing students doing leadership. One of my favorite "gifts" was a little handmade nurse figurine that had grey hair and glasses. You don't see those every day.

    One time I received a really ugly polyester scarf that looked like the K-Mart dollar sale. I still enjoyed having that student to precept. I didn't always get a gift, but most of the time I did get a card or personal note.
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    I gave both my preceptors a scrub top that they both loved! I also gave them a personal card.
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    When my daughter was in the hospital in Chicago I had Swiss Colony send three boxes of pettifours one with 1 shift 2nd shift and 3rd shift on it. That way each shift had there own I made the one to day shift a little bigger because there are more people on days. So you can send one for each shift or they have some small individual boxes that would be great for each person. I know this is not the same thing but it would work for this situation also. I would also include a hand written card or note that is aways apreicated
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    Write a personal note/card to your preceptor -- you don't have to give an expensive gift. Perhaps a candle, stationary/note cards, small gift certificate, some gourmet coffee, etc. I gave my preceptors a large candle from Yankee Candles. If you want to do something for the floor, even a large box of good-quality cookies -- something like Pepperidge Farm would be great. Keep it simple -- you could bake brownies or cookies.
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