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Can anyone enlighten me about the Plane Tree Model? I have studied their web site and still don't get what it is except that it is "patient oriented". Some days I am more dense than others! We have... Read More

  1. by   Reno1978
    Of all the complaints that I've read, it seems that it's more of a lack of competent management over actual problems with the Planetree model of care since I do work at a Planetree facility and have experienced nothing like this.
  2. by   southernbeegirl
    Quote from emsboss
    I have to agree with caroladybelle... I will not say more as I am known by administration to be on this board...
    time for a new nic woman!
  3. by   abbaking
    I work at a Planetree Affiliated facility. I believe that on papaer Planetree is a wonderful idea....In reality, actually implementing it was/is a challenge.
    I work noc shift (1830-0700). During my shifts, we don't have to much Planetree glitz and glamour. Although we have 24 hour visitation, thats about it.
    We have remodeled our patient units with home-like colors, and nice wallpapers....but with 3 beds to a room its obviously still a healthcare environment, no matter how hard you try to hide it.
    Our management is fairly supportive in terms of staffing. Occasionally we get a hard list, but thats not the norm.
    As far as the inservices, it is mostly a big joke. I will be totally honest....I did not waste my money or my education to lear how to provide the basics. I like to kiss butt - it does come in handy sometimes with difficult patients.
    In my experience on noc shift - we dont really do anything different - noc shift has that security to it - As my Nurse Manager herself stated "What happens on night shift, stays on night shift".
  4. by   midinphx
    When the hospital I worked at decided to go plane tree, all the floors got new breadmakers. Seriously. they thought that would contribute to a more homelike environment. We went to fluffy staff builder retreats. It was about focusing care on patients and empowering the family to participate in care. I think I do that without a philosophy model. Plane tree never really got off the ground. It costs too much in staffing to do it right was the bottom line when we tried to impliment it.
  5. by   simplicityjones
    The problem with a program like Planetree is that most hospitals are already understaffed. I am a charge nurse in the ICU. There are days we are running around putting out fires and don't even get lunch breaks. Ideally Planetree works as a multidisciplinary system. Unfortunately, it is usually a teaching facility or a VERY well funded hospital that can accomplish this task. That also means a lot of people, good staffing, and usually a somewhat educated client. A Planetree model in a ghetto environment just propagates the feeling of entitlement. More money is spent to make EVERYONE happy. How do you care for a patient when you have to tip toe through a room full of sleeping bags because the room at the hospital has AC and the trailer that the family is living in doesn't. Good idea, just not realistic in all situations.
  6. by   Lilme04
    I know this is an old thread, but we are starting to implement the Planetree model at our small hospital. I am hoping to attend the International conference in Chicago later this year. Have you been? I've never been to any conferences, so any tips or tricks would be most helpful!