Pharm ???? grains converted to mg.

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    Hi, stuck on a problem (gr iiss to mg) I know how to convert grains to mg, but this one problem I'm please assist. Thanks in advance.
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    Since gr iss=100mg, I presume the answer is 200mg.

    This question brings back memories. In my second semester of nursing school I was about to give my first injection, which made me nervous enough. Then I saw that the physician had written the order in grains. Fortunately I had brought my conversion table along.
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    If my memory serves me right (and its been a long time since I did anything with grains). You are converting 2.5 grains to mg. 1 grain = 64.8 mg, so if I am correct the answer should be 162mg
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    griiss = 150 mg (2.5 gr x 60 mg/gr = 150 mg) -hth!
    i =1 and ss= 1/2 so it is 2.5 gr (I had to take latin in hs)
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    ii = 2, ss = 1/2 so you would have 2 1/2 grains

    There are 65 mg per gr so you would have 162.5 mg in (iiss grains).

    At least this is the way I figured it!
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    Thanks for the responses. It helped
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    I always remember that a plain, regular aspirin is 5 gr/325mg. Roughly 1 gr/65 mg. Therefore iiss (2 l/2) gr / 162.5 mg

    But who is still using grains? Shouldn't all those old docs have died (or at least retired) by now????
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    Interesting some say 65 and some say 60 mg per grain. Last semester when we went over this we were told 60grains per mg.
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    JC does not like to see "iss" and similar entries in charts because it leads to ----guess what!! Confusion and possible med errors. I will be glad when grain orders are extinct.
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    I always remeber that 10 grains of Aspirin = 650 mg, hence 1 grain = 65 mg, or else I've got years of incident reports to catch up on.
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