Personal Experience after Many Years as a Nurse - page 6

I've just recently lost my son (17) after a freak accident where he was playing a pickup game of football during baseball practice (to get in their conditioning/running/exercise instead of just... Read More

  1. by   cehhw
    Thank you for writing about this very hard experience and loss of your beautiful Son. May God be with you and ease your pain.
  2. by   blueheaven
    I am so sorry for your loss. It is a normal reaction to second guess or "what if" and "should of" and trying to find information to make sure that you did the right thing. To follow your son's wishes through all this must have been difficult for you. Your son was a caring and kind soul to have thought of others with his gift of organ donation.
    Compassionate friends is a group that supports those who have lost children. Their website may be able to hook you up with a local group. There is another group called Grief share which is a group that meets for 8 weeks and covers many of the issues that we deal with as we grieve. There are also good groups online that use a forum type interaction much like allnurses. I have found those to be helpful too.
    I often said the sometimes "ignorance is bliss" when I was dealing with my husband's illness but as an ICU nurse that wasn't going to happen. I can so relate to your statement about hating to be a nurse.
    Talk about your pain and grief as much as you can. Get it out. Talk about your son. Write about it. I never was much on writing until I started going through the grieving process but it does help.
    Please e-mail if you would like to talk.
    (((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))) )))