Peer Interview tomorrow.....What to expect?

  1. I have my very first Peer Interview tomorrow at a hospital and am nervous. What type of questions should I expect?
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  3. by   classicdame
    questions about your strengths and weaknesses, how to handle difficult patients and visitors--pretty much what the hiring sup would ask. They just want to see if you seem to "fit" with their group. Try to relax (easy to say, I know).
  4. by   tyvin
    Also expect the how do you feel you've contributed to this units success, flow, etc.. and how has this unit contributed to your life blah blah.........where do you see yourself in blah years and how can we improve blah and more blah. How can we be better and how do you think you can be better.

    Much of these interviews depend on what type of unit you're on. Have you had to learn anything specific and if so be prepared to answer questions regarding that......good luck.

    Remember eye contact, body language, and posture. If you can't take looking them in the eye too long look at their forehead; it looks like you're making eye contact but they can't tell you're not.
  5. by   MassED
    are you new to nursing? I would expect to give scenarios where you have shown your strengths and weaknesses. Always expect to give examples of scenarios of where you did not get along with someone and how you handled the situation. Be yourself most of all. No one likes an interview and everyone is nervous to some extent. You ARE trying to sell yourself.
  6. by   kesr
    You should have some questions for them, too. Peer interviews are more about how you will fit into the team than is a management interview. So what do you want to know about the unit? Topic suggestions: ongoing inservice, new hire training, scheduling, mix of staff on a shift, what do they think the units priorities are? Ask a few questions to show your interest, but do not over do it.
  7. by   PostOpPrincess
    Once you get to peer, you're usually past all the hardcore questions.

    They're going to see if you're a "fit" into the unit.

    If you don't "fit" according to the unit's can be the most brilliant person in the world, you won't get the job.

    Look into the culture--are these people with kids? Are they younger with no kids? Do they value higher education? Or are they strictly "leave work behind I've got business at home--no bonding type."

    Do your homework, but don't change yourself to "fit." eventually they figure out if it is fake or not.