Overnight Care for children?

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    So I have come up with an idea of possibly opening up a "night" care for the sole purpose of mother's and father's who work the third shift. There are so many people who are struggling with day care/school hour issues b/c of the 7p-7a shift at work. I live in an area where there is about 4 major hospitals and think it would do very well but wanted some personal opinions from everyone on this board. Any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    I think it's brilliant!!!!!!!!!
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    That is a great idea! I'm very logical, so let me give you a few of my thoughts logistically:

    1. Does your area require daycare certification if you have more that a few children a time? That can be a long process, so you'll want to start that right away. They basically make sure your house is safe for children and you might have to spend some money making updates- such a fence around a porch, safety locks on the windows, etc.

    2. Will you be hiring help? Along with daycare certification, most states also have a maximum child to adult ratio.

    3. What will your hours be? Are you prepared to be open every night? If so, you might need to hire even more people to help because you might want to get some sleep some nights.

    4. How many children are you willing to take at once? I think you're right that it is a needed service, but obviously your house can only handle so many children, even if it is at night.

    5. What comparable services are offered in your area? Are there other night care centers? What do they charge?

    6. Finally, what does your client base think? It might be a good idea to talk to some night shift nurses, doctors, or other 3rd shift workers and see what they do for their child care and how many would be interested in night care. Using a simple survery website and then advertising your survey at the hospitals might be a good way to see how needed a night care is.

    Just some food for thought. Good luck!!
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    I think that would be very helpful for parents as long as it's an affordable option. I've noticed that many overnight daycare services are usually way too expensive for most people to consider. Good luck
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    Thank you for the feedback! I would not be doing this in my home. I would establish an actual facility. I would like to take as many children as I am able to start off with given the number of staff I would have at that time. Hours would most likely be from 6p-8a. There are no other "overnight" cares that I have seen in NJ that I'm aware of. Affordability would be a must. Just brainstorming ideas still-it only came about a week or so ago
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    You're right to come on this board to get the needs in perspective. My one oveririding concern would be SAFETY at all times for the children. These will be people's precious bundles of joy.

    So for me, Safety is a big big factor. If I have to be at work and overly worry, then it's not working.
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    What area of NJ? I'm in the northern part- about half an hour outside of Newark.
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    When my dh and I both worked 3rd shift at the hospital our small child slept at the home of a family member who lived near our work.

    It IS really hard to find good, safe, affordable care for your child when you work nights so you may find a bonanza of desperate health care workers needing your service.

    Good luck.
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    I think it is a great idea - I am in NJ too - I am sure it is needed for many people - I could have used it when my kids were younger
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    Two things to consider regarding in-home versus a stand-alone facility:

    1) The cost of the latter will be substantially higher than the former since it's a dedicated facility and must be either rented or purchased.

    2) For the provider, the tax benefits of the former are enormous - and much better than any other form of home "office" or than a stand-alone facility.

    Develop a coherent business plan and do some serious number crunching to ascertain what is the optimal approach.
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